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Azerbaijan's software market witnesses piracy drop

26 May 2014 14:27 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan's software market witnesses piracy drop

By Nigar Orujova

A positive decline in piracy is observed in the Azerbaijan's software market.

The news was announced by Sales Manager of Microsoft Corporation in Central and Eastern Europe Vicky Rentzepi, who talked to Trend Agency.

The Azerbaijani government is an example of the transition towards licensed software, which will inevitably lead to a different behavior in the market, she said.

"We are witnessing positive trends in terms piracy reduction. The results will be published shortly in the Software Alliance's report. The protection of intellectual property is not the corporation's prerogative, it is the work of the government," Rentzepi said.

Microsoft business development in Azerbaijan corresponds to the overall development of the country, she said. Compared to other countries in the region, Azerbaijan is considered an example of leadership in this area.

Rentzepi also appreciated the level of informatization in Azerbaijan's state structures, saying that the Azerbaijani government has a strong vision of the steps that should be taken in this area, no matter what platform is used.

The Software Alliance has announced that the piracy rate in Azerbaijan has reached about 87 percent, but the figure is not the highest among the CIS countries.

Fighting illegal production continues in the country.

Anti-virus software

The Team Computer Emergency Response (CERT) is developing an anti-virus protection for Internet users' Malware Report.

The Malware Report program functions as an anti-virus protection. It allows the transference of malicious and suspicious files directly to the CERT laboratory (Malware Lab), where the file is analyzed. Afterwards, a report proceeding from the obtained results is submitted to the user, the report shows.

Informing the users about threats and vulnerabilities and providing them with the necessary information to counter external threats will be one of the advantages of software solution.

The program is intended for all Internet users in Azerbaijan. In the future, the CERT software will probably contain all features of full antivirus software.

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