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Azercell further backs talented youth

20 May 2014 14:34 (UTC+04:00)
Azercell further backs talented youth

By Sabina Idayatova

The State Employment Bureau of the Labor and Social Security Ministry organized a Labor Fair under the motto "The First Career Steps" at "Gafgaz" University, to help the undergraduates and graduates of the country in the process of their integration into the labor market.

The students and graduates got an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the actual situation of the labor market and the level of demand for their particular skills and profession, to communicate with their potential employers, where as the latter got the choice to select between qualified personnel that meet today's employment requirements.

Azercell honors its years' long tradition contributing to youth development and has participated in one more exhibition and Career Fair, held annually for the students and graduates of our country. Azercell has exhibited a special booth at the career fair, where its representative held series of information sharing sessions for alumni looking for job opportunities within Azercell.

They have also responded to numerous inquiries of fair participants and shared a special e-mail address to be used by those intending to apply for vacancies in Azercell. Company representatives have, as well, revealed to alumnus the currently available vacancies at Azercell. The Company representatives also briefed undergraduates and graduates on the upcoming Student Bursary Program. We would like to inform that Azercell has recently also joined another Labor Fair held at the Technical University.

On the same note, Azercell Telecom constantly strives to helps youth in building a successful career and identifying their optimal place in the labor market. During the last few years, the Company has, with the same scope, initiated and held Career Days on regular basis. Azercell also aims to hold meetings with promising young people, willing to join the company during similar annual events, as well as to share comprehensive information on the activities and corporate culture of Azercell.

Azercell Telecom has always been supportive of projects aiming the development of youth. The Student Scholarship Program initiated by the company offers scholarship to talented and skillful university students, given the fact that Education is one of the main directions of Social Investment Projects of Azercell.

The cumulative Social Investment of Azercell has made 0.4 million manat in 2013, and a total of 14 million manat for 17 years of operation in the country. Since 2008, around 108 young people have been taken on board of the Azercell Bursary and internship programs, nine of them being offered jobs in the company.

Azercell seeks partnership with the leading universities of the country and further supports the strengthening of their material and technical capacities. An example of such a partnership is, among others, the initiative of Azercell to install and operate it's 3G and 4G Laboratories at Gafgaz University. Azercell will further pledge for supporting the career development and successful placement of bright young people.

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