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Fatigued Armenian authority: Church's Lust for War

7 June 2024 20:00 (UTC+04:00)
Fatigued Armenian authority: Church's Lust for War
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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The Garabagh clan under the auspices of the Armenian Apostolic Church go the extra mile to ax the peace negotiation between Azerbaijan and Armenia which is much more tangible than ever. For dozens of days, Armenian clergies have been calling people to pour into the streets to overthrow the Government which the clan had tried previously but could not do. However, it seems the clergies will live the same fate in their efforts to topple the pro-Western PM who still holds a strong influence among his supporters. However, this action of the Armenian Church once again proves that the hands of clerics smeared the blood of innocent Azerbaijanis in the Garabagh wars. In other words, the Garabagh conflict is more religious than inter-ethnicity.

Reading the history one can easily conclude that it was the Armenian Church who ignited the Garabagh conflict and its history goes back not thirty years but hundreds of years. History says that the head of the Armenian Church wrote a letter to the Albanian Church, the first state in modern Azerbaijan, in the Middle Ages and required to subjugate. However, the head of the Albanian Church rejected the demand and noted that Albania had made Christianity the religion of state before Armenia and it was the Armenian Church that then subjugated to the Albanian Church. Despite the failure before the Albanian Church, the Armenian Church did not step back from its ambition.

As is known, later, the majority of Albans converted to Islam. Nevertheless, little Albanian community existed especially in Garabagh until the Russian invasion. When the Russian Empire invaded Azerbaijan, The Armenian Church repeated its requirement once again and wrote a letter to the Russian Czar to eliminate the Albanian Church and give its property to the Armenian Church.

Unfortunately, the Czar accepted the request, and the Albanian Church was eliminated. The Chzar's decree was not limited to the elimination of the church - all Albans living in Garabagh either had to go to the Armenian Church or leave Garabagh. In other words, Albans living in Garabagh was forcefully Armenified. To top it all off, the Russian Empire settled some Armenians migrated from Iran in Garabagh. Thus, the number of Armenians inflated and the demography changed in favor of Armenians in Garabagh. After 150 years, with an allegation that the majority of the population is Armenians in Garabagh, Armenia tried to annex the region. Thus, the conflict emerged.

Taking advantage of the chaos in the political center in Baku, Armenians were able to invade not only Garabagh but also seven adjacent districts. As a result of the First Garabagh War in the 1990s, over 700,00 Azerbaijani citizens with different origins, such as Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Meskhetians, Russians, Udis, and so on, turned into IDPs and dispersed throughout Azerbaijan. Over 20,000 Azerbaijani civilians were brutally killed. Over 50,000 Azerbaijanis were wounded. In the meantime, the economy of Azerbaijan shrank.

Through the invasion, the Garabagh Clan usurped the power in Yerevan. In this country, a real church power began to form - so that as the people became poorer, the clergy began to get richer. The fact that the feudal regime and the church took over all the powers in the country indicated that serious upheavals would arise. Every sixth person in Armenia left the country. So to say, the population in the country was going to dramatically deplete. Two borders out of four were closed down and Armenia became isolated. Radicals in Armenia tried to invade new territories to get out of the vicious circle and attacked Azerbaijan once again in 2020. Thus, the Second Garabagh War started but resulted in a humiliating defeat for Armenia.

Finally, Armenians understood that nobody would come to save them. So peace negotiations became indispensable through which the Pashinyan Government had to give back the four Armenia-occupied Azerbaijani villages, and the delimitation and demarcation process between the two countries was started. However, it seems that the peace process does not suit the clerics because they will lose their leverage over reigniting the conflict created by the Church. It is the conflict that, beyond doubt, has been the main source of income for the Church for dozens of years. And finally today, the real reasons why the Armenian Church is an obstacle to peace are revealed.

Going astray from the main notion of religion, the clerics do not care about the ordinary lives of either Armenians or other nations. Their main concern is about the wealth through which they think can have full control over the authority. Hopefully, Armenians will not allow them to impede the peace process for both their safe future and the security of the region.


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