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Media reveals business of Armenian cleric hiding in shadow

12 May 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Media reveals business of Armenian cleric hiding in shadow

By Farman Aydin, AZERNEWS

In recent days, the interpretations given in various versions about the shadow business of the Armenian churches and the clerics who manage them are already beginning to be revealed as truth.

Some time ago, there was clear evidence that the Armenian churches were involved in the "candle business" and stole from the state budget. In addition, a number of accusations were made regarding the clergymen's blasphemy against the government by plunging into the political swamp of Armenia. However, there is deeper and more comprehensive information than this.

The weekly newspaper Armenian Mirror-Spectator, published in Canada, in its issue dated July 20, 2013, presented shameful details of the activities of the then primate of the Canadian diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Bagrat Galstyan.

According to the article, Galstyan first involved the Canadian diocese in dubious financial schemes that resulted in significant debts and then tried to mortgage a church in Quebec to pay off the debts.

Galstyan's adventures do not end there. He secretly and illegally negotiated bail with several associates. The process was stopped thanks to the prompt actions of honest and conscientious parishioners, who demanded the convening of an emergency general meeting and uncovered the illegal conspiracy.

Moreover, Galstyan was accused of embezzling funds from the Church of the Holy Cross in Laval. The church's debt currently exceeds $1 million. A detailed report of what happened was presented at a joint meeting of the Laval parish council with the diocesan council and trustees.

From the given facts, it is once again clear that Galstyan, who is already spending the night on the streets of Yerevan, did not enter the realm of politics in vain. The former clan leaders who stood behind him put their trust in the speculator cleric for this reason and still fully support him.

In Armenia today, the only means that can widen the rifts between the people and the government are churches, where especially foreign donors have high hopes for them. Otherwise, without them, how will the mechanism of influence from the West on Armenia be managed?

Until this time, the local authorities used all means, but in the end, they realized that conceding Azerbaijan was the only way out. Finally, when Yerevan was approaching the peace process that Baku only wanted to achieve, the clergy began to play the role of a catalyst.

Today, protests from churches against the Armenian government are also the influence of the dark forces in the West who want to hinder peace in the South Caucasus. Therefore, Gasltyan's drama is like his predecessors up to a certain point. When the time comes, he too will have to shut up...


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