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Yerevan brews new hotbed of war in S Caucasus amid army concentration on border

6 April 2024 17:25 (UTC+04:00)
Yerevan brews new hotbed of war in S Caucasus amid army concentration on border
Fatima Latifova
Fatima Latifova
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Since the end of the second Garabagh War, Azerbaijan has repeatedly proposed to the Armenian authorities peace talks around the table and, at the same time, urged that they adhere to the November 10 agreement. However, in addition to reneging on its obligations, by involving the Western forces in the processes in the South Caucasus, official Yerevan has done its best to slow down the peace process with its provocations on the border with Azerbaijan.

Following the Brussels meeting, Armenia's violation of the ceasefire on the conventional border—in the direction of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Tovuz region—and the concentration of the army in the direction of Eastern Zangazur overshadow the 'calls for peace' voiced by the Pashinyan government.

It seems that Yerevan's goal is to create a new hotbed of war in the region, in addition to forcing Baku to take retaliatory measures.

Military expert Emin Hasanli, touching on the subject in a comment for Azernews, said that these provocations by Armenia were imminent. Thus, official Yerevan has never fulfilled its obligations.

"Armenia has never fulfilled its obligations. Neither during the period of Tsarist Russia nor during the period of Bolshevik Russia, nor Kocharyan, nor Sargsyan, nor Pashinyan did this country stand behind its word.

The expert noted that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan always makes different excuses for the provocations on the border.

"Every year, the Armenian authorities declare that there are great hopes for peace this year. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan makes encouraging speeches for peace, but somehow the opposite is happening. He blames the soldiers for every provocation on the border, allegedly saying that the generals in the Armenian army serve the fifth column of some country and do not obey his orders. But he does not disclose the names of the generals. Sometimes he claims that those who violated the ceasefire were drunk or mentally ill.

Emin Hasanli drew attention to the special tactics that Armenia is trying to implement. He said that official Yerevan is trying to draw the attention of other countries by further deteriorating the situation in the region.

"Armenia has been gathering troops to the front in recent days and is spreading disinformation that Azerbaijan will attack Armenia. The tactics of this country are as follows: to intensify the situation in the region and draw the world's attention to it," added Hasanli.

The expert also touched on the issue of people of Armenian descent who moved voluntarily from Garabagh. He said that the main goal here was to create prejudice against Azerbaijan in the Christian world.

"People of Armenian descent were taken out of Garabagh themselves. With this, they wanted to direct the pressure of the international community, especially the Christian communities, against Azerbaijan and make the country unjust in its rightful cause. Thus, sanctions would be applied against official Baku. However, they could not achieve their goals, and no sanctions were applied."

Emin Hasanli also recalled that all countries in the world recognised Garabagh as the territory of Azerbaijan.

"The international world did not see any strangeness here when Azerbaijan ensured its territorial integrity. Because the UN had decisions on this issue. Also, the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Organisation of Islamic Countries, and other institutions knew that Garabagh is the territory of Azerbaijan and confirmed it."
The expert noted that despite 4 years of the Second Garabagh War, Armenia cannot accept defeat and is currently trying to put pressure on Azerbaijan with all available means.

"With these steps, Armenia is pursuing two goals. The first and main goal is to focus the attention of the international community on Azerbaijan. Pashinyan's government is trying to describe itself as helpless and show Azerbaijan as an aggressive state. In addition, Yerevan denies the provocations committed on the border and tries to portray any retaliatory step by Azerbaijan as a threat to its sovereignty. With this, state officials also create anxiety among their citizens and form a topic for pointless discussions."

He noted that another goal of Armenian provocations is to obtain financial aid. The expert said that the decisions made during the Brussels meeting prove this.

"Armenia intends not only to pressure Azerbaijan but also to beg money from the West. It's no secret that this country has been financed by various institutions for years and is asking for help at every opportunity.


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