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Yerevan attempts information war through mirror-image propaganda

14 February 2024 16:00 (UTC+04:00)
Yerevan attempts information war through mirror-image propaganda
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Those who want to hinder the peace agenda in the South Caucasus use the world media to vilify Azerbaijan. Despite a short lull with regard to Armenia's borders with Azerbaijan, propaganda and hatred towards the latter still reign in the information field. Due in large part to the diligent efforts of the Armenian lobby and their "friends", the nature of public perception of information, which is largely disinformation, influences the perception of the South Caucasus and the peace agenda as a whole.

According to Azerbaijani political expert Anar Hasanov in his comments to AZERNEWS, Armenia is now waging an information and psychological war with Azerbaijan through mirror-image propaganda, where Yerevan wants to find support in the information field.

"Considering that all global information networks are mostly in the west, with the exception of a few, the world agenda is set and transmitted by the western media. You see, Armenia insists on everything. In the negotiation process, they always emphasise the role of Western international NGOs or Western structures that can mediate in the negotiation process. Even in such an issue as mass graves, Armenia emphasises the role of the international community.

Revanchist forces in both Armenia itself and allied France are working hard to intervene or allow the intrusion of a third force into the region. Recently, a mass grave was discovered during excavations and searches by an Azerbaijani team for missing Azerbaijanis near the Asgaran fortress in the Khojaly region. Armenian media publicised this event with the involvement of international persons to conduct an alleged examination as if in the 1990s there were Azerbaijanis who expelled thousands of civilians from their home towns in Garabagh.

The political analyst said that such an approach is echoed in the West, and against this background, all the actions of Azerbaijan are assessed as not constructive.

At the same time, the Western side thinks that Azerbaijan sincerely wants its involvement in the issue. But the truth is that Azerbaijan completely rejects the double standards of the West and does not want its participation in such matters.

"You see, Armenia understand that they have an advantage in this, and such a background is created that "we (Armenians) are for the internationalisation of all topics of this conflict, and Azerbaijan wants to unilaterally, by force, make accusations, tendentious subjectively accuse Armenia of everything. In other words, we (Armenians) are ready to admit our mistake, but this requires the international community," the expert added.

Anar Hasanov said that Armenia continues its policy of internationalisation of the conflict and that even before the war, the Armenian authorities wanted the CSTO and European countries to intervene in the war.

"In any process, they want there to be so-called international guarantors, but we were disappointed in these guarantors, and the result was the "Iron Fist" operation. Because international guarantors are just a conductor's approach. International guarantors will never name the aggressor as the aggressor and the victim as the victim.

Therefore, for us, it has neither importance nor value to involve international structures on these issues. Based on this, Armenia is still winning on the European information platform," the political scientist emphasised.

In conclusion, the expert added that Azerbaijan is not afraid of Western pressure and realises that Western media can build up anti-Azerbaijani sentiments where mainly its executive power is not ready, cannot, and does not want to harm Azerbaijan.

"It is enough to look at the recent story with the resolution of the Senate of the Francophonie countries. It is one thing for deliberative bodies and mass media to conduct deliberative campaigns, and another thing for executive bodies to realise the value of Azerbaijan and its importance. In this case, Azerbaijan has started to be tolerant of all such accusations and therefore completely ignores the desire of Armenians regarding international monitoring, and obviously, there will be no need for it.

There are ambassadors from these countries in Azerbaijan who can come and see what Armenians have done. If the international organisations are so "fair," why haven't the ambassadors of France and America been to Khankandi yet? Why doesn't the French ambassador want to go to Shusha, to Khankandi? What prevents them?" the expert added.


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