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Bribing congressmen, Armenian lobby poses threat to future of Yerevan

26 November 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Bribing congressmen, Armenian lobby poses threat to future of Yerevan
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Armenian lobbyists see their dominance over US congressmen as a "victory" over Azerbaijan at the international level. They believe that the opinion of a group of politicians sitting in the Congress against Azerbaijan means that they are right and they can declare the Azerbaijani side guilty in every issue they wish.

For example, Armenian TV columnist Harut Sassounian says “Azerbaijan spent millions but could not convince senators to pass an anti-Armenian resolution”.

In this statement, one can also get acquainted with the identity of the Armenian diaspora and lobby organizations. When Harut Sassounian said millions, he meant Armenia in his words. There is a meaningful proverb that goes that if elephants were told to describe their god, they would draw a large picture of an elephant. When Armenia, or rather Armenia's lobby organizations abroad, pour millions or perhaps billions into the pockets of congressmen, of course, baseless and biased opinions against Azerbaijan will be voiced from the West. Azerbaijan is not only interested in participating in this auction of finding partnerships that Armenia is lavishly doing now. Because the West is already eager to cooperate with Azerbaijan within today's realities and is interested in benefiting from Azerbaijan's energy resources. In such a case, there is no need for Azerbaijan to look for mercenary allies or to convey the voice of truth to the world while obviously it is right.

A look at the international events, summit meetings, and economic forum held in Azerbaijan in the last month is enough to show the level of the country's rating.

Another example can be given to Armenia, which is trying to scare Azerbaijan with the so-called vehemence of a fist of politicians in the US Congress. The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Szijjártó: "European leaders, who criticized the Hungarian prime minister for visiting Azerbaijan 13 years ago, are now eager to be photographed with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and hope for gas cooperation with the country."

Although these words are a proud recognition for Azerbaijan, they are a shame for the pro-Armenian politicians of both the European Union and the United States. Sometimes they forget that personal interests will one day melt like ice in front of global interests. Don't they know that every winter is followed by a spring?

Azerbaijan did not restore its territorial integrity 10 years ago. The fact that 20 percent of its territories were under occupation caused serious obstacles to the growth of the country's economic power. At that time, along with politicians in the West, some organizations tried to make Azerbaijan accept the situation in the region as a reality by giving only empty consolation and promises.

The criminal and terrorist incidents, genocide, and mass deportations committed in Garabagh in the 1990s, as well as the devastation in Grabagh for thirty years, were not noticed by any organization. It is really a big fake that Armenians who voluntarily left Garabagh today are described as refugees and they are presented as a mass of people who were subjected to genocide while they were still alive.

Today, the fact that the West is pulling Armenia towards a position contrary to reality and defending it for meaningless purposes is a threat to the future of Yerevan. Sacrificing economic interests in the region to revanchist ideology can bring the end of the country.

At a time when Azerbaijan is becoming an energy hub for Europe and Asia, the fact that Armenia is suffering from an energy crisis is an embarrassment to its Western allies.

However, Armenia could get rid of many unnecessary problems by participating in the energy projects implemented in the South Caucasus. Nevertheless, this is still not the case, and the most important peace agreement in the region has not been inked. No further comment is needed. Because everything is already clear and the step to be taken can predict events in advance.


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