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Unearthed Armenian crimes in Garabagh pinpoints facts about missing persons

19 September 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Unearthed Armenian crimes in Garabagh pinpoints facts about missing persons
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The 30-year Armenian invasion does not end only with the destruction of cities, villages, historical and cultural monuments; this also means that more than one million people were left homeless, as well as separated from their children, parents and relatives. The humanitarian damage inflicted by Armenia on Azerbaijan is the most painful event in history, resulting in the loss of more than 4,000 people.

By ending the 30-year occupation, Azerbaijan is fulfilling a great obligation. This obligation is for finding the whereabouts the missing children and relatives of mothers and parents who have been kept in prison after the First Garabagh War. Although the Patriotic War in 2020 made the return to the native lands possible, it could not put an end to all grieves. There is still no information about the dead or alive of thousands of missing people in war and non-war conditions in the 90s. As a result of the vandalism and genocide committed by Armenia during the First Garabagh War, Azerbaijani civilians together with the soldiers held as captive were killed with special torture. Today, Armenia, which tries to hide the massacres and atrocities of history, refuses to provide information about the missing persons.

According to the most recent data, during the First Garabagh war, as a result of the Armenian occupation of Azerbaijani territories, a total of 3,890 citizens went missing. There is irrefutable evidence that 872 of the total number of missing persons were captured or remained in previously occupied territories.

The above facts prove that the Armenians committed a crime against Azerbaijan by cruelly treating prisoners during the war and in non-war times. There is no even doubt that most of Azerbaijani missing servicemen were killed in internment camps, not on battlefield.

Although Armenia tried to hide all these facts, it did not succeed. Because the exhumed human remains and the conducted forensic searches reveal all the evidence. However, it should be noted that Armenia is trying to mislead Azerbaijan in this matter as well as in mine maps. At the same time, the fact that the areas are not completely cleared of mines also complicates and slows down the processes related to the search for mass graves.

Also at the international conference themed "Increasing national and global efforts to clarify the fate of missing persons" held in Baku yesterday, discussions were held on search of the missing and killed people as a result of the crimes committed by Armenia. The joint participation of the Armenian side in gathering information about the fate of those people was also a topic of discussion at the conference. But the question arises: can we really trust Armenia by involving them in this work? Will they be so honest and admit the crimes they committed on their behalf?

As I mentioned, Armenia has been hiding the true mine maps from Azerbaijan for 3 years. There are various reasons for this: to prevent the construction and infrastructure works going on in Garabaghh, to delay the big return project that is being implemented, and finally to keep the crimes they committed in those areas under the threat of landmines. In order to help Azerbaijan in this field, Armenia should first of all show the exact locations of mines buried in Aghdam, Khojavend, Fuzuli and Kalbajar areas. It is no coincidence that mass graves are very common in those areas.

For example, mass graves have been discovered in the villages of Sariqali of Agdam district, Dashalti of Shusha district, Edilli of Khojavend district, Farrukh of Khojaly district, Yukhari Seyidahmedli of Fuzuli district, Kalbajar, Aghdam and other settlements in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan.

The Plight Of Prisoners In Shusha's Prison Revealed -

During the occupation by Armenia, the detention of Azerbaijani prisoners and hostages in Shusha prison, their torture and inhuman treatment are facts confirmed by various witness statements. One of the mass graves was discovered in June this year on the territory of Shusha prison. Investigations were conducted near the cemetery where the remains of four human bodies were found. It was determined that more human remains were buried in that area. As a result of the excavations conducted from August 1 to 15, the human remains believed to belong to 17 people exhumed in the mass grave discovered in the Shusha prison area in the city of Shusha. 11 of them are whole, and 6 are in the form of parts of the skeleton.

Another mass grave found in Shusha VIDEO - AZERTAC

The facts about the discovered mass grave are terrible. On each of the human remains, there are marks of torture and suffering inflicted by the Armenians on them. Nails were found in the abdomen of the remains of the skeletons of 6 people. At the same time, during the preliminary examination of the remains, it was found that there were marks of shooting on the bodies of those persons, various blunt blows were inflicted, cutting and piercing tools were used. It was discovered that their heads were buried separately from their bodies.

The revealed facts are once again a clear manifestation of Armenia's malice and hatred against Azerbaijani Turks. This is also a wild and cruel trait that the Armenian people carry in their genes and will never be able to erase.


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