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Hypocritical policy which US tries to impose on Azerbaijan

16 September 2023 18:15 (UTC+04:00)
Hypocritical policy which US tries to impose on Azerbaijan


It is clear that the policy pursued by the United States is based only on its own interests, and hypocrisy, betrayal, and treachery have risen to the level of state policy.

On one hand, the United States supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, considers Abkhazia and South Ossetia as part of Georgia, Transnistria as part of Moldova, Donbas and Crimea as an integral part of Ukraine, and also supports these countries on all international platforms, on the other hand, the United States did not provide any support to Azerbaijan, whose territory had been under the invasion for almost 30 years. Moreover, it took steps that suited the interests of invader Armenia.

If a small part of the support provided to Ukraine today had been provided to Azerbaijan, our lands would not have stayed under the invasion so long.

As a co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, the United States also did not conduct any work; the co-chairs made tourist trips and made routine statements. This organization and one of its co-chairs, the United States, did everything possible to keep the conflict frozen for many years. Millions of dollars were allocated annually to the so-called regime in Garabagh under the guise of mine clearance. The separatists visited the United States and raised funds under the name “aid to Garabagh.” It was in the USA that the department of the criminal regime of Garabagh was created. Representatives of the regime visited America and held meetings at various levels. All this is an indicator of the US attitude towards resolving the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Although support for Azerbaijan's territorial integrity was expressed on the surface, behind the scenes support was given to the separatist regime in Armenia and Garabagh.

The United States, as a hegemonic power, created the image of an enemy that would frighten the international system in order to dictate its will to the whole world, and declared Islam the main enemy of the “civilized world.” This is a country where Islamophobia has risen to the level of state policy, it has not only interfered in the internal affairs of various countries in the name of fighting terrorism but has also targeted Muslim countries. As a result of the “Arab Spring” scenario, governments in the Middle East were overthrown and civil conflicts were encouraged. Countries such as Iraq and Libya were attacked, where such a scenario was impossible.

After creating an image of Iraq as having "nuclear weapons", they invaded the country, killing one million Iraqis, destroying cities and villages, taking control of the country's national wealth, and continuing to plunder it so far.

The civil conflict that began in Libya after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi still cannot subside. The killing of millions of people, the destruction of economic infrastructure, cities and villages in the Middle East, and the fact that this problem will continue for many years is the result of the "democracy" that America brought to the East.

Today, the United States which is considered the country responsible for the shameful scandals at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay for the torturing and murdering of Muslims, presents itself as a “patron of human rights.”

All points of tension in the world are created according to the desires and plans of the United States. All political games have one goal - to ensure American interests in any region or country and to control and exploit the resources of the region or country. The US is not interested in democracy, human rights, peace and stability. Most of South America, Africa, and Asia became a testing ground for American political games.

Azerbaijan has also been suffering from US geopolitical games for many years. In our country, attempts were made to carry out coups d'etat. Consistent work was carried out in the direction of financing and training the political opposition, involving the NGO sector and the media in political games, that is, in a word, creating an atmosphere of civil disobedience in the country. The main goal of this country is to form a government in Azerbaijan that is unquestioningly subordinate to the interests of the United States and to legitimize the invasion of Azerbaijani territories. However, these attempts and numerous plans did not come true.

The United States tried to “Syrianize” Azerbaijan and several times prepared a plan for “color revolutions” to prevent the country from strengthening, developing, and liberating occupied Garabagh. But thanks to the unity of the government and the people, none of these evil plans came to true.

Realizing that after the 44-day war, the unity of the government and the people in Azerbaijan has strengthened, today the United States is changing its tactics and is trying to use not the opposition, which is in trouble, but LGBT which is a great threat to national values, “feminists” who promote immorality, and people “NO TO WAR”, trying to devalue the Victory in the Patriotic War. The US also provides funds to these groups through USAID, and these groups are led by Samantha Power, who has pro-Armenian, anti-Turkish, and anti-Azerbaijani positions.

Azerbaijan managed to resist any pressure and liberated its lands from occupation on its own. Of course, the existence of Azerbaijan with such strength and courage does not correspond to the interests and goals of the United States, France, and other similar countries. Therefore, today official Washington is not making serious efforts to resolve the problem between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but is only creating an illusion.

According to the agreement reached at the last meeting in Washington, on September 1, roads in the region should have been opened and the Agdam-Khankendi road should have been operational. Although Blinken asked for the opening of both the Lachin and Aghdam roads during negotiations with the Azerbaijani leadership, the US stepped back from its position rather than put pressure on the Armenian leadership and separatists in Garabagh who resisted the agreement. Today, both the State Department and Congress are talking only about the need to open the Lachin road.

Unable or unwilling to satisfy the separatist group, the United States is now trying to accuse Azerbaijan of lack of courage and hypocrisy.

We have also witnessed the hypocrisy of the United States regarding the “elections” in Garabagh- after the “elections” on September 9, leading states and organizations declared that they did not recognize the illegal regime and its “elections,” but Washington chose to remain silent. Only after pressure from Azerbaijan, the US State Department at the level of its ordinary representative obliged to verbally declare that it did not recognize the “elections.”

A representative of the US State Department sent Louis Bonin to the region, but this visit did not contribute to solving problems in the region and was inconclusive. Because the US is insincere in its intentions and is not interested in peace. Otherwise, US State Department representative Yuri Kim would not have spoken about the non-existent “rights of the people of Nagorno-Garabagh” in her speech in Congress. The United States ignores today's realities and is making serious efforts to legitimize the military junta in Garabagh.

In fact, today the United States, together with France, is a party that does not allow the process of reintegration of the Armenian minority in Garabagh, and stimulates revanchist forces in Armenia. Thanks to such an open pro-Armenian policy of France, today Paris is completely isolated from regional processes and has lost hope of mediation. If this happens, the same fate awaits the United States, which behaves in the region as Christian missionaries.

It would be naivity to think that Armenia will be benefitted from the current hypocritical policy of the USA. This policy will not benefit anyone. An obstacle to the reintegration process is created in Azerbaijan with the Armenian minority living in its territory, and Armenia becomes a "second Ukraine". The United States, which incited Ukraine to war with Russia and manipulated the supply of weapons and ammunition to make Kyiv completely dependent on itself, has actually sacrificed Ukraine today. After the death of tens of thousands of Ukrainians, the destruction of cities and villages, and the occupation of almost 25 percent of the country, the United States now wants to force Ukraine to come to terms with its territorial occupation. Just as he tried to push Azerbaijan to come to terms with the occupation of its lands for 30 years.

In this war, in which Ukraine is sacrificed, the USA earns a lot of money and takes complete control of the European gas market with LNG (liquefied natural gas). Due to the damage to the environment, LNG, which is almost as dangerous as black coal, has begun to dominate the European market, but so far no environmental organization, ecoactivists, etc. cannot raise voices to protest.

The situation in which the USA is dragging Ukraine reminds us of the war in Georgia in 2008. Even then, the USA, which incited M. Saakashvili to war with Russia, later backed out, as a result of which Moscow officially formalized the occupation of Georgian territories under its control.

The US tried to turn Turkiye into a "second Syria" and attempted a coup in 2016 by the FETO organization it created and financed. Only thanks to the determination of the Turkish leadership and the support of the people, Turkiye was able to escape from this danger. But even today, terrorist organizations fighting against Turkiye receive instructions, weapons and funding directly from the United States.

The United States, which destroyed Afghanistan and then returned to power the Taliban, which it shamefully fled and declared terrorists, but in fact created itself, shows its true nature at every step by implementing projects of this type. During the 20-year occupation, America did not build a single road or school in Afghanistan.


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