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Pundit: Armenia's mass terrorism should be recognized at international level

12 September 2023 16:00 (UTC+04:00)
Pundit: Armenia's mass terrorism should be recognized at international level
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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First genocide, then ecocide, and finally theriocide... all these features reflect actions specific to Armenians. However, the hayk, who have failed in every attempt, continue to be more savage.

This time, as usual, the illegal Armenian armed groups in the territory of Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily stationed, tried to commit a terrorist act against the servicemen of the Azerbaijani Army on combat duty in the direction of Khojavand district - but further brutally, using a dog as a "kamikaze".

Thus, the Armenian terrorists attached a remote-controlled improvised explosive device to a faral dog and forced it to move in the direction of Azerbaijani positions.

As a result of the vigilance of Azerbaijani military personnel, the attempt of the Armenian armed forces to increase the scale of the act of sabotage and to cause more injuries to the personnel was prevented.

As mention to the Japanese word "Kamikaze", in translation it means "divine wind" or "spirit wind". This name was given to Japanese suicide pilots who were used against the US Navy in military operations in the Pacific campaign of World War II, who fought for their country. However, in this case, we find this term in a terrorist act committed by Armenian separatists. The gruesome and most terrible thing is that the Armenian brutality is imposed on innocent animals.

The cruelty of Armenians is obvious from all the tragedies committed in the Garabagh region. But why do international organizations turn a blind eye to such miserable people, who show themselves as "victims" and "innocents" to the world community?

The theriocide by Armenians is also a part of terrorist act and genocides they have committed in Garabagh and elsewhere. But this time, I wonder under what pretext will Armenians try to cover up the deadly damage they have caused to ecology, animals and people?

In her comment on the issue to AZERNEWS, Professor Shazia Anwer Cheema from Pakistan said that animal-borne bomb attacks are common in terrorist groups in the world. They usually use animals as delivery systems for explosives that are remotely controlled. This kind of bomb traps are used in mostly crowded areas.

Regarding the silence of international organizations, the professor said that it can be considered a criminal act because this silence is prompting and promoting crimes against animals as well as humans.

According to Shazia Anwer, Armenia continues to involve in environmental terrorism and according to estimates, the annual production capacity of the metallurgical plant built in the village of Arazdayan is over 180,000 tons. Just imagine of volume of waste and toxic gas it is producing through this plant because the plant is working without following the international environmental protection system and does not fulfill global environmental friendly industrialized laws. However, international environmental protection bodies have not taken any action against Armenia rather keeping totally quiet over the situation.

"I believe that Armenia violates international legal norms and principles, especially the Convention of the UN Economic Commission for Europe on environmental impact assessment in a transboundary context although Armenia being a member of the Espoo Convention," the Pakistani expert emphasized.

According to Professor Cheema, there is practically no reaction from international organizations, since some international powers want to maintain instability in the South Caucasus region, and it is for this reason that such powers support Armenia diplomatically and even by providing weapons to Armenia.

"One of such example is India that is providing weapons to Armenia via Iran and nobody is taking action of this development. I am of the view that global animal rights organizations to raise voices against Armenia and should confirm it that Armenia is a terrorist country," the pundit concluded.


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