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Expert: I have little faith that West will agree with unreliable partner like Armenia and come to region

25 June 2023 20:00 (UTC+04:00)
Expert: I have little faith that West will agree with unreliable partner like Armenia and come to region
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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Armenia, which is extremely professional in creating provocations, is also very flexible in changing positions. The official Yerevan, which first allied with the West, and then shared all grievances with Russia, somehow feels in a big void. At the moment, Armenia, which is blaspheming against its patrons in a big uproar, even accuses Azerbaijan and makes unnecessary claims based on no serious issues.

Armenia's problem is actually related to the temporary closure of the border checkpoint on the Lachin road. Interpreting the closing of the border checkpoint for investigations after the recent provocations by Armenians as a big event, Yerevan allegedly declared it as national ethnic cleansing. However, Armenia knows very well that its goal is different. Even its allies are aware of Armenia's secret desires. However, within the framework of certain interests, their slightly indifferent approach to the issue has greatly shaken Armenia. Even now, Yerevan is in such a situation that it does not trust the West, even though it makes many efforts to bring it to the South Caucasus with its own hands. As for Russia, it is not worth mentioning at all...Finally, one issue remains outstanding: the peace process, which Armenia is trying to hinder by all means.

George Tuka, a Ukrainian political analyst, commented on the processes speaking to Azernews. According to him, Armenia's contradicting political views can make it an unreliable partner for all its allies.

"With their inconsistent and unbalanced policy, the Armenian authorities seem to be losing all possible allies, including the West and Russia.

I have always advocated and advocate the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. From my point of view, there are no "disputed territories". There is a fact that Armenia has occupied the territory of a neighboring state," the pundit said.

The expert added that another reason for the delay in the processes in Karabakh is that the peacekeeping mission there is not precise in its work.

"The peacekeeping units have never been able to maintain neutrality since they started operating in Karabakh. Whether it is the Azerbaijani side or Armenia, such activities have always led to the deepening of the problem between the two sides. It seems to me that it is for this reason that Armenians intend to see the West as an alternative in the region. But I have little faith that the West will agree with an unreliable partner like Armenia and come to the region," Tuka stressed.

In conclusion, the pundit who touched on the general intention of Armenia in the provocations and hindering the peace processes, called it a step without perspective.
"If we talk about Armenia, then it is rather difficult to find a "goal" in their policy, since the actions of the authorities are sometimes illogical, emotional in nature. It is rather difficult to find explanations for illogical actions," the expert concluded.


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