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Armenia is deemed to demise unless separatists are prevented - Turkish general

30 May 2023 18:00 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia is deemed to demise unless separatists are prevented - Turkish general
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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Again, Armenians are on the air, who did not shock the world with their behavior, or rather, Armenian politicians who are trying to ignite a war between two countries. They call Pashinyan “surrender” and brazenly foment a war with Azerbaijan.

However, the potential of Armenia is visible, and obviously, that it does not have the military capacity to wage war. Just curious, what is the basis for such thoughtless behavior of Armenian politicians and their intentions to completely destroy the country? Are they being controlled by an invisible force, or do they have an extraordinary mind that we don't know about?

“A country called Armenia 2 years ago suffered the heaviest defeat in world political and military history. Armenia is not one state, but consists of several forces that control it and use it as their henchmen, putting this country in a bad position. As a state, Armenia, unable to act politically, is currently in a terrible state”.

This was told by a Turkish general Yucel Karauz in a commented on the issue for Azernews. He said that despite Pashinyan’s statement that “Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan”, the fact that the whole world accepted this true, as well as the outstretched hand of peace by President Ilham Aliyev who won Patriotic War, Armenia still resorted to all sorts of impudence to win extra time.

The expert, calling the current situation in Armenia sad, added that, country is not controlled only by the authorities. Because they cannot stop the separatists who are involved in the army, politics and the people. The country has nowhere to go and rely on anyone. If he was, we would have seen him in the Second Karabakh War. From the international political point of view, Azerbaijan's attitude towards Armenia is understandable. All these separatist actions and provocations are carried out by forces that detest their country and their government. Until they are prevented, Armenia will continue to demise.

The expert called Armenia’s demand for the return of two Armenian saboteurs from Azerbaijan who were recently captured near the Zangilan district inadequate. He stated that it was observed that the so-called Armenian court sentenced the Azerbaijani soldiers who crossed the border line to 11.5 years in prison, and by doing so they violated the law.

“Armenia, which is getting more and more delirium, performs with double standards at every meeting. The only reason for this is that the country is ruled not by one, but by many of its patrons. Pashinyan, in turn, turns to the court, then to the army, then to politics, and then to the power of the people; he cannot pursue state policy alone,” the expert added.

According to him, Armenians will be brought to account for genocide and provocations against the Azerbaijani people from 1988 to the present day, including 30 years of occupation. President Ilham Aliyev put forward his demands as a peace-loving and law-abiding person. The fact that Armenians consider this demand a genocide shows that they are no longer rational.

In conclusion, Turkish military expert said that after the blow of the "iron fist" inflicted on the Armenians during the 44-day the Second Karabakh War, their brains were smashed, and they still make decisions under the influence of this blow. If Armenia, which has not learned from this lesson, continues its provocations, it will receive another blow. In my opinion, from these multiple strikes, in the end, not only the mind, but also the brain will not remain in them.


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