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Armenians in big dilemma: people move onto right path following Pashinyan's big confession

24 May 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Armenians in big dilemma: people move onto right path following Pashinyan's big confession
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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After the rightful confession of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding to Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, some artificially organized protests in Armenia began to take a large scope. With the support and intervention of the separatists and diaspora forces abroad, a chaos began to rage within the country, the purpose of which is not understood.

Currently, the Armenian society is divided into two groups; some of them are a group of people who come to terms with reality and leave the old ideology behind. Others are separatist people who are still living in the dreams of past Armenian fictions and false promises. But there is another group who are not even aware of what is happening inside the country. In other words, they are blindly taking steps under the influence of separatists with no goal and deal a serious blow to the future of Armenia.

Political analyst Farhad Mammadov, in a commented on the issue for Azernews, said that he believes that the events have disturbed the traditional opposition and their followers for two main reasons.

Фархад Мамедов о неприемлемости проверки азербайджанских автомобилей, пересекающих зону временного пребывания РМК | | Новости

“As regards the external forces, Pashinyan's statement destroys the ideological paradigms associated with both Azerbaijan and Turkiye, which have been formed in Armenia for decades. Because he noted that Karabakh is within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and at the same time he made a statement about Aghri Dagh (the so called name in Armenian mount ararat). Literally, the provocations by the traditional opposition, diaspora groups abroad and even by the church occured after Pashinyan's statements on the above matter.”

Further to his comments, the political analyst and the head of the South Caucasus Research Center added that in general, prolonging the conflict is more in Russia's interests. Because Russia wants to continue its presence in this region and emerge as managing part of the conflict.

“In general, Russia's economic policy in the South Caucasus and political dialogues with two other states, with the exception of Georgia, are at a high level. Although Georgia does not engage in political dialogue with Russia, it is currently implementing its policies in line with Russia's expectations. In other words, the use of conflicts in such conditions to expand its influence in the region is an indicator of Russia's preference for obsolete politics. As regards some external forces that impede the process of peace talks and normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, these are Armenian diaspora abroad and some forces in Russia,” Mammadov said.

According to him, last year, after a very soft announcement, thousands of people took to the streets and protested for weeks. However, despite a little time has passed since this statement, we do not see any mass protests. This means that the Armenian society is reconciling with the reality in the region.

"Despite the fact that people have the right to gather and protest, nowadays, almost 95 percent of the Armenian population confess Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan's territory. If there are no protests in the coming weeks, then in the near future we will see how Pashinyan breaks through the internal barrier and makes a clear statement," the political analyst opined.

As for the question of whether Pashinyan will be able to calm the political unrest within his government, the expert answered that Pashinyan is an absolute leader of Armenia that has been elected according to its own constitution.

"If we look at the internal politics of Armenia, Pashinyan is legitimate. Power structures exist in his hands. During these days, he purged the government from former officials (police, army leadership) en masse.

I have no doubt that there will be observed serious provocations during, and after the signing of the peace treaty. However, since Pashinyan is considered a legitimate Prime Minister, I believe that he will overcome this crisis.


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