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Hysteria reigns in Armenia after Charles Michel's statement - political analyst

20 May 2023 17:00 (UTC+04:00)
Hysteria reigns in Armenia after Charles Michel's statement - political analyst

By Leyla Tariverdiyeva

Despite the meeting of the foreign ministers in Moscow, at this stage the West has to a certain extent seized the initiative in the negotiation process, as evidenced by the multi-day Washington round and the resumption of the Brussels format. But the main thing for us is that the negotiations should be followed by real practical actions. Reassurances alone are no longer enough for us.

Fikret Sadigov, an Azerbaijani political analyst, professor at the Western Caspian University, said this in an interview with Day.Az, Azernews reports.

Real pressure must be exerted on Armenia, he stressed. Her resourcefulness, shyness, attempts to profit for herself and catch a fish in troubled waters, in fact, interfere with the establishment of peace and the signing of a peace treaty. Namely, a peace treaty is the main goal facing our diplomacy.

"The fact that after the statement of Charles Michel, hysteria broke out in Yerevan indicates that thoughts were voiced that not only fully met the interests of Azerbaijan, but also consonant with the ideas of a just peace and a final solution to all problems in the post-conflict period. It is enough that the idea of ​​unconditional adherence to the Almaty Declaration of 1991. Michel named the size of the areas of the two states in which they recognize the territorial integrity of each other. That is, Armenia recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan with an area of ​​86,600 square kilometers, including Karabakh and the exclaves seized by Armenians.

Our neighbors did not like all this, and I am not surprised that in Yerevan today Charles Michel is compared almost with Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, who is the author of the shameful Munich agreement of 1938. Armenians equate Michel with politicians who pandered to Nazi Germany. All these primitive assessments are the result of the slow-wittedness of the current political elite of Armenia, which is so weakened by the situation that has developed after the 44-day war that it is simply not able to accept these geopolitical realities and draw appropriate conclusions for itself," Sadigov emphasized.

According to him, Azerbaijan never expects miracles and any far-reaching solutions from negotiating platforms. We are used to solving all problems ourselves. Thus, during the idle time of the negotiation process, Azerbaijan has taken a very important step - it has established a border checkpoint and now controls entry and exit at the border in Lachin, which is fully consistent with both international law and the principles of regional peace.

"Whom should we open our arms to? Illegal armed groups? The situation was assessed very soberly and realistically. It is no coincidence that Michel said that the road between the main part of Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan should be opened. This is a very important statement and we highly appreciate it. Michel's words "we have spoken about this repeatedly, and this is the very point that Yerevan must take into account and fulfill without fail" about the captured and sentenced to long terms of Azerbaijani servicemen who accidentally crossed into the enemy territory sounded very relevant. In a word, the process is underway. But I repeat, we are waiting for real steps," the political analyst added.


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