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Israel-Azerbaijan relations serve rather to dispel external threats against our states - Finkel

19 April 2023 15:47 (UTC+04:00)
Israel-Azerbaijan relations serve rather to dispel external threats against our states - Finkel
Sabina Mammadli
Sabina Mammadli
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The relations between Israel and Azerbaijan have reached a new high following the long-awaited opening of the Azerbaijani embassy in Israel’s Tel Aviv. The current two-day visit of Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen to Baku serves to prove the depth of the bilateral cooperation.

It is also worth noting that the visiting minister came with the biggest Israeli delegation to ever accompany an Israeli minister on a visit to Azerbaijan. The visit is aimed at expanding the existing cooperation in the economy, cyber security, education and other spheres. Several agreements will also be signed.

Besides, receiving the Israeli FM, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev expressed the country’s interest in Israel’s experience in water resource management, seawater desalination, prevention of desertification and desert and semi-desert farming.

In a comment to Azernews, well-known Israeli political analyst, Doctor of Law, international relations expert Michael Finkel pointed out that the “unprecedented friendship between Azerbaijan and Israel, our business and military cooperation angers our enemies, and we have common enemies”.

Besides, the expert emphasized that Israel and Azerbaijan are not just two allied states that have common goals, and common visions for the development of the region, but two fraternal nations.

“I know that in Azerbaijan the fraternal nation is Turkiye, but the majority of Azerbaijanis also feel and understand that their fraternal peoples are also the Jewish people through our common Khazar history,” Finkel highlighted.

Speaking about the visit of the Israeli foreign minister, the pundit noted that the current visit of minister Eli Cohen is not accidental. He also evaluated the visit as “another even higher milestone”.

“And I think it is not right to disclose the reason for this visit, but certainly the true reason is to confront those external threats that exist and are aimed against our states. Therefore, I am sure that this is another very serious and important step. And as it has always been in the relations between Azerbaijan and Israel, they always seemed to me like some kind of iceberg, most of which was underwater and only a smaller part of which was visible,” Finkel remarked.

Furthermore, the expert talked about the historic opening of the embassy in Tel Aviv, noting that he had the honor to attend it.

“It was a major milestone that we have been waiting for 30 years. For objective reasons, which are clear only to those who understand, this could not be done earlier, which Israel is not offended by at all and understands,” he added.

Finkel also thanked Azerbaijan's leader, Ilham Aliyev, for making the right decision and opening this embassy.

“It was a long-awaited move. The opening of this embassy, of course, will open many doors for business and cooperation in completely different areas, in the defense industry, in the tourism sector, and in the field of mutual understanding between the two peoples. Therefore, this was a very important step that will serve to further strengthen our unprecedented good relations and ties. Very few countries in the world are as close to each other as Israel and Azerbaijan. And we in Israel understand this and appreciate it very much,” he finalized.


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