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New tourism project launched in country [PHOTO]

13 August 2020 13:38 (UTC+04:00)
New tourism project launched in country [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

The State Tourism Agency and the Azerbaijan Tourism Bureau have lauched a joint project.

The main goal of "REAL Vatan" project is to show the potential of domestic tourism in Azerbaijan and promote the existing local tourism opportunities.

The project aired on Real TV channel provided insight into Gadabay region its majestic nature, rich culture and history.

With its wide range of natural treasures,Gadabay has plenty to show off.

The region is home to a plethora of astounding natural attractions, historical monuments that are sprinkled all over the region.

Gadabay is surrounded with mountain forests and poppy fields. Near Gadabay there is Slavyanka village, which is famous for its famous water sources Narzan, Mor-Mor, Chaldash, etc.

Akhinja, Zayam and Shamkir are the largest rivers in Gadabay. Here you can breathe the fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors near at river coast.

Shahzada is a place you must visit in Gadabay. The 18-20 height meters ice waterfall will cool your body in a hot summer day.

Spectacular forest meadows in midlands, broad-leaved forests, subalpine and alpine meadows at the top of mountains occupy the greatest territory of region.

There are four emerald forests in the region: Govdu, Godekdere, Gamish and Shamlig.

The most highest heights are: Goshabulag (3549 m), Godzhadagh (2,217 m) and Garaarkhadzh (3,549 m).

Temperature of July is ranged from +10 C to +20 C, of January - from -2 C to -10 C.

Monuments in Gadabay region are an integral part of the Azerbaijani culture, known here as Gadabay-Khojaly culture.

Here one can enjoy Cycpoles structures of the end of bronze period of time, Boyuk-gala forstress, towers of Galakend-galasi (16thI century), Giz-galasi (another name Namerd - gala, 9th century), arched bridge of 19th century.

Koroglu Castle related to the 18th century is a grandiose showplace of Gadabay region. The castle’s walls are one meter thick and the monument has a strategic location.

Beyukgala fortress, located in the territory of Soyudlu village, which belongs to the iron age, is included in the list of monuments of world importance. The region also attracts attention with countless caves, ancient Albanian churches and temples. Each of these temples is an archaeological monument of the Bronze Age.

Gadabay is also rich in underground resources such as gold, uranium, copper and other mineral resources. Goldfield in Soyudlu was explored by the Siemens brothers until arrival of Red Army soldiers in 1920.

As the administrative unit Gadabay was originated on August 8, 1930 under the name of Rustam Aliyev. In 1938, it was renamed to Gadabay region.

From historic castles and eye-catching landscapes Gadabay is a wonderful site to behold nature in all its beauty.

You'll be rewarded with unforgettable impressions, a profound sense of relaxation and a feeling of being at one with nature.


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New tourism project launched in country [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
New tourism project launched in country [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
New tourism project launched in country [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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