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New treatment against Multiple Sclerosis to be released in Iran

13 May 2013 16:46 (UTC+04:00)
New treatment against Multiple Sclerosis to be released in Iran

A new treatment against MS (Multiple Sclerosis) will be released on Iranian markets in October, Fars news agency reported.

Deputy chairman of the Iran Multiple Sclerosis Society, Mohammad Ali Saraian said that this particular treatment method is done orally.

He also mentioned that the treatment has been developed by Iranian doctors, adding that the method is currently being tested on real patients, before being released to the local markets.

In January, Iranian television reported that scholars from the Tabriz Medical Research University have prepared an herbal substance which can completely cure multiple sclerosis.

The medicament is called MS Nut (Nutrition) and made of special oil plants. It is delivered in syrup form.

The scholars have been working to prepare the treatment for two and a half years. The medicament was tested on 100 multiple sclerosis patients. 65 of them completed the treatment. Most patients fully recovered, but those with more advanced forms of the disease were unable to.

According to the information, the period of treatment with MS Nut lasts from six months to a year. The treatment has been already licensed in Iran.

According to Iranian media, the number of multiple sclerosis patients has increased in Iran in recent years. Environmental factors are behind the wide spread nature of the disease.

At present, there are 50,000 multiple sclerosis patients in Iran.

If multiple sclerosis continues to spread so rapidly, in ten years every Iranian family will have one member with multiple sclerosis, the information said.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease in which membranes around the brain, spinal cord and nervous system are affected.

Multiple sclerosis is characterized by the simultaneous destruction of various parts of the nervous system, which leads to the appearance of neurological symptoms.

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