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Europe sets up system of hydrogen grid operators

17 June 2024 21:45 (UTC+04:00)
Europe sets up system of hydrogen grid operators

The European Union (EU) will establish a non-profit organization called "European System of Hydrogen Network Operators" (ENNOH) in 2025, Azernews reports.

ENNOH will be an essential organization that will cooperate with the structure of the EU's Hydrogen Transmission Network Operators (HTNO).

"The establishment of ENNOH is reflected in the EU's Hydrogen and Low Carbon Gas Package. Cooperating, ENNOH and HTNO will work together to implement the EU's decarbonization commitments," the document on the upcoming establishment of ENNOH explains.

The mission of this non-governmental organization is to facilitate the efficient operation of the hydrogen market inside the European Union and in international trade.

"Experts of this new organization will be involved in the development of network codes and technical recommendations on the hydrogen market, work with information on this cleanest type of fuel, and ensure regional cooperation following the requirements of the EU Package of documents on the decarbonization of markets," the information states.

The objectives of ENNOH will include identifying synergies and promoting system integration of energy carriers to improve the overall efficiency of the EU energy system.

To note, according to EU conditions, from 2026–2027, pipelines supplying gas to the EU must contain between 5 and 20 percent hydrogen or a mixture of low-carbon gases.


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