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Main megacities of the future are known

13 May 2024 20:22 (UTC+04:00)
Main megacities of the future are known

By Alimat Aliyeva

In 2023, 56% of the world's population lived in cities. By 2050, the world's population will increase by 1.6 billion people. At least 70% of them will live in cities, Azernews reports.

According to the institute's experts, Bombay (India) will take the fifth place among the largest cities in 2050. It is expected that 32,400,000 people will live here.

The fourth place is Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It is expected that 32,600,000 people will settle here.

The forecast for Tokyo is also interesting. In 2022, the capital of Japan, with a population of 37,300,000, was the largest city in the world. However, it is expected that in 2050 Tokyo will be home to at best 32,600,000 people due to a decrease in the birth rate in the country. Gundogar, the capital of the country, will take the third place in the top five.

It is expected that 34,600,000 people will live in the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh, which will take second place. There is currently a serious flow in the city.

New Delhi, which is currently the second largest city in the world, is expected to become the largest metropolis in the world in 2050. It is expected that 49,600,000 people will live here by 2050.


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