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Turkish-Russian trade volume to exceed $65bn

23 November 2023 20:30 (UTC+04:00)
Turkish-Russian trade volume to exceed $65bn

By News Centre

The Russian Federation Consul General in Istanbul, Andrey Buravov, said in his statement that there has been a huge jump in Turkish-Russian trade volume in the last 5–6 years, and the trade volume has almost tripled.

Reminding that the Turkish-Russian trade volume exceeded 65 billion dollars last year, Buravov said that this year would be similar. The two countries will maintain the dynamism,

Emphasising that the relationship between Turkiye and Russia is actively developing, Buravov said:

"Regular dialogue between the leaders of the two countries continues. In parallel, regular contacts are held at the level of our Ministry of Economy institutions. In the coming days, the ordinary meeting of the Russian-Turkish Joint Economic Commission will be held in Ankara. How such meetings will contribute to the economic cooperation between the two countries in the future, how we will solve the problems, how we will use the existing potential in a better way, and such issues will be discussed."

"Shipments are made through the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline in the volume desired by Turkey."

Andrey Buravov reminded that the issue of "creating a natural gas centre in Turkiye" was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said that the two parties were working on the details.

Stating that natural gas shipments from Russia continue through various channels, Buravov said, "Finally, gas shipments are made through the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline in the volume desired by Turkiye and there is potential. Also, there is a potential for sending this natural gas to third countries that want to receive it through Turkiye," he said.

Reminding that the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Turkiye continues, Buravov pointed out:

"The first reactor is about to come into operation, and not only a new facility is being established here, but also a new branch of the economy is being created in Turkiye. Regarding atomic energy, we are talking about a wider range than atomic energy, and the personnel who will work in this branch will be at the level of engineers and technicians. The training is done in Russia. In this way, a new group of engineers who can work in nuclear energy will be created in Turkiye. I think this is a very important factor."


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