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Erdogan calls for inclusive new constitution

2 October 2023 20:35 (UTC+04:00)
Erdogan calls for inclusive new constitution

The success of the constitution Türkiye adopts is based on its inclusiveness for every political party and every sector of society, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told parliament on Sunday, reiterating the need to draw up a new constitution, Azernews reports, citing Yeni Safak.

"This call goes out to anyone who wants a truly national, local, civil, and visionary constitution, not a directive of coup plotters,” he said on the country’s need for a new charter to replace the 1982 Constitution, which was drawn up in the wake of a coup.

Marking the start of parliament's new legislative session, Erdogan said Türkiye deserves a constitution that enlightens and expands its horizons, adding that the new constitution will be open to compromise based on basic values while respecting the country’s red lines.

"We believe that the conditions of our country today are suitable for the first time to prepare a constitution within the natural functioning of the democratic system and submit it for the approval of the nation,” he said, suggesting that a referendum might be held.

A new constitution could look at improving Türkiye’s relatively new presidential system – passed in a 2017 referendum – he said.

“With the new constitution, we will have the opportunity to put an end to the debate over the system of administration once and for all,” Erdogan added.


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