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Our national technology move attracts attention of whole world - Turkiye's Akar

4 May 2023 14:58 (UTC+04:00)
Our national technology move attracts attention of whole world - Turkiye's Akar

By News Centre

Speaking at the "Century of the Future Promotion Program" attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Hulusi Akar congratulated the 1st May Labor and Solidarity Day of the workers.

Expressing that they are happy to witness this picture of national pride in TUSAŞ on the way to the ideal of a fully independent Turkiye, Akar said: "I wish that our National Combat Aircraft (NCA), which will free our country from foreign dependency in the field of defense and aviation, and Hürjet, Atak 2 and Anka 3 be beneficial to our country, our noble nation, and our heroic army. We once again express our gratitude to the leader of country who has enabled our domestic and national defense industry to reach today's enviable level with their determined attitude, leadership, support and encouragement."

Stating that artificial intelligence and cyber applications are shaping the world of today and the future, Akar emphasized: "Our state has also read this change in the world correctly, set strategic goals, by acting proactively in this context. It has made great R&D investments in almost every field, especially in the defense industry, and achieved significant success. In the past, even our infantry rifles were procured from abroad, now we are supplying our infantry rifles and we have reached the level of designing, constructing, manufacturing and exporting all our light weapons, MLRAs, Firtina howitzers, UAV/UCAVs, attack helicopters, warships and national naval artillery, smart precision ammunition and missiles. We delivered the TCG Anadolu'yu Deniz Kuvvetlerimize to our Naval Forces, our Altay tank to our Land Forces, we sent our observation satellite İMECE to space under the command control of our Air Force, and we have implemented and are carrying out many more projects. God willing, we will see our national submarine in our seas and many domestic fighters, led by our National Combat Aircraft, in our skies."

Systems in NATO standards

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar stated that the weapon systems produced with domestic and national means have contributed greatly to the security of the borders, the domestic and cross-border operations, the protection of rights and interests in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Cyprus, and the successful fulfillment of the tasks undertaken by the Mehmetçik (Turkish Army) in many geographies, especially in Azerbaijan and Libya.

"The effectiveness of our weapon systems, produced in NATO standards and tested in operations, has attracted the attention of the whole world, the demand for our domestic and national defense industry products has increased day by day, and in line with the National Technology Moves, the 'Made in Turkey' brand has gained its rights in the international market. Our country has become a production base, not a market for critical technologies,” the Defense Minister said.

Pointing out the importance of producing the systems introduced today, especially the fifth-generation combat aircraft, which represents the next level of defense technologies, with domestic and national means, Hulusi Akar said, "These projects, which have meanings far beyond developing a platform or weapon system for Turkiye, are a mentality revolution. It is also extremely important in terms of showing our human resources, technology accumulation, project management systematic and economic power."

Hulusi Akar said that the successes achieved in almost every field, especially in the defense industry, in the last 20 years have restored the self-confidence befitting the glorious history to the nation and especially to the youth.

National Technology Move

Expressing that they are proud of the achievements of the young people who visited TEKNOFEST, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar said, "We believe that our young people, who are the guarantee of our future, will carry our country to a much higher level with their self-confidence. We can't be proud of them."

Stating that nations that are not strong and independent in the field of defense cannot look to their future with confidence, Hulusi Akar said:

"The 'National Technology Move', which you started with this understanding and focused on sensitively, is indispensable for our sovereignty and independence, as well as essential for our country's geopolitical and strategic position.

Turkiye is no longer consuming but producing, not importing but exporting, providing its defense and security not according to the will of other countries, but with its own capabilities, and meeting the needs of not only its own, but also friendly, brotherly, and allied countries with its weapon systems, and reaching the balance of power in international relations," he added.


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