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Togg viewed as university for companies involved in car manufacturing sector

26 January 2023 11:22 (UTC+04:00)
Togg viewed as university for companies involved in car manufacturing sector

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Manufacturers of auto spare parts, who exported vehicles worth $31 billion in 2022, want to be competitive in the electric vehicle market with Togg.

Anil Yuceturk, president of OSS, stated that they have a 50 billion dollar export goal.

“Togg is the university for the supply industry. We shall use the knowledge we learn from this university to help our industry get ready for jobs abroad”.

The domestic automotive spare parts industry increased its target to 50 billion dollars after realizing 12 billion of the previous year's 31 billion in automotive exports.

Important statements about Togg were made by the Automotive After Sales Products and Services Association (OSS), the umbrella organization for spare parts and services that assesses the performance of 2022 and shares its future objectives.

OSS Vice President Anil Yuceturk, who stated that the aim of Turkiye's Automobile Togg is not to produce vehicles but to completely transform the automotive industry, asking “Why is Togg important?"

"Togg is not important for vehicle production. Togg is actually the university of the supply industry. With the information we will receive from this university, we will prepare the supply industry, the producers here, for jobs abroad. At Togg, everyone from the local manufacturers put something in, and eventually, those structures started to go toward a vehicle. Vestel's display actually emerged from the front display we see in refrigerators and washing machines and went there. Vestel started to sell it abroad as well. A 100-year-old vehicle manufacturer started to supply parts to a company.”

OSS President Ziya Ozalp, who stated that OSS's goals are high with its 247 members and 75,000 employees, said that “There is a 5 billion dollar market in spare parts and after-sales services in Turkiye. We cover 80 percent of this with our members. After the pandemic, the importance of our industry has become even more evident. Foreign investors see Turkiye as the base of the Middle East and manage from here. In this sense, besides being an alternative to China, they reached our border to invest. They came as far as Bulgaria and Greece. They are ready to enter Turkiye," he said.

Noting that it is possible for them to export 50 billion dollars as a supply industry, Ziya Ozalp said.

“This is only possible by selling spare parts to the world. For this, to be clear, it is necessary to ensure the general unity of the sector, rather than any public support, rather than different support. NGOs play a very important role here. We are ready to convey the formulas related to the increase in the supply industry from 12 billion dollars to 50 billion dollars in the automotive sector with our presentations to all public institutions and all NGOs. Especially at this point, we are in talks with both our national companies and international companies that will invest. There is no other country that has the knowledge and experience to produce spare parts for 300 million vehicles in the countries we cover.”

Emphasizing that the automotive parts produced in Turkiye are produced under the license of foreign companies and that we are not our own brand, OSS President Ozalp said.

“Most of the companies producing in Europe already produce their own parts in Turkiye. In addition, especially North African countries are eager for the parts produced in Turkiye recently. We are ahead of German brands in taking orders in this geography. There is no product in the world that we cannot compete with China in automotive parts. Only the US market is a big and strong market where we are foreigners," he said.


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