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Macron's "conservative policy": Money for Armenians, cold for French

13 December 2022 12:15 (UTC+04:00)
Macron's "conservative policy": Money for Armenians, cold for French

The other day, French President Emmanuel Macron made an interesting "strategic decision" against the backdrop of the energy crisis faced by the republic, saying that in 2023 condoms will become free for people from 18 to 25. According to Macron's logic, the rapidly growing cost of energy in the country can be compensated for by distributing free contraceptives to young people.

Judging by the reactions of the French to the president's tweet, many ridiculed this turn of events and do not understand how sex will help fight the energy problem in the country.

"Macron hints to warm each other with bodies?" a social media user wondered.

In the meantime, the French government has warned that from today, there will be frequent power outages in the country and schools will not function during snowy weather.

If we recall the famous "Game of Thrones", they were preparing for winter for years and constantly warned, "winter is coming". In the end, winter came and the inhabitants of Westeros had a hard time, for the rulers were skeptical of the problems, spending gold on war, drinking wine, and making love to anyone.

What happened in the series is now very reminiscent of today's France. Despite the fact that the population is freezing, campaigns to support the Armenians continue rapidly in the country, in one form or another. Armenians, who are French citizens and associations using the French budget, are expanding their fundraisers, calling it "Armenia, every month", and have set themselves the goal of raising 72 million euros, which, logically, could have been directed to energy security. But no.

On November 17-20, 2022, within the framework of the traditional Telethon 2022, 1.64 million euros were collected and sent to Armenia. What Yerevan will spend this money on is not clear, but judging by how Nikol Pashinyan recently bought 5 luxury cars, the funds were clearly wasted. Instead, Macron could have bought Azerbaijani gas for this amount to warm the French in the winter.

The absurdity of the actions of the French authorities is obvious - while Europe is thinking about its energy security, France is trying to prevent this by siding with Armenians and accepting anti-Azerbaijani documents. In fact, one of the EU countries is a threat to the EU.

Recently the Milli Majlis appealed to the Azerbaijani government to reconsider cooperation with French companies in the energy sector.

Now the question is: was it worth so spoiling relations with Azerbaijan, which is a reliable partner for Europe and, at least, now ensures its energy security during global challenges and problems? And for the sake of those, who never offer anything themselves, but only demand, beg, take and give nothing useful in return. To what extent will this policy bring dividends to France from Armenia? Rhetoric, but everything is clear.

We should recall that 60% of all foreign economic relations of France in our region are tied to Azerbaijan - not to Armenia or Georgia. It is Azerbaijan that is an attractive market for French companies; it is in our country that the largest French energy company Total operates. If Paris wants to cross out all this, then, as they say, it is up to it. There is nothing that, instead of the French, such partners as Britain, Italy, and Germany could not provide us.

The people of France will soon feel how Macron's new "condom policy" will contribute to the country's energy security. The harsh reality is that in the end, the French will have to bask during lovemaking, and not with heating.

This article was translated from Day.Az by Fuad Muxtar-Aqbabali


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