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Central Bank of Uzbekistan changes rules for accepting banknotes

11 July 2018 17:58 (UTC+04:00)
Central Bank of Uzbekistan changes rules for accepting banknotes

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The Central Bank of Uzbekistan has adjusted the list of damages, in the presence of which banknotes are considered to be suitable or unsuitable for circulation during the implementation of currency exchange operations, reported.

Now banks can not refuse to accept bills that have scuffs and dirt that allow to determine the pattern (shape) of banknotes, glued tears that do not exceed a quarter of the width (length) of the banknote, glued corners or pieces not exceeding 1 square centimeter, which are parts of this particular banknote, small spots, no more than two inscriptions and prints of stamps (except for stamps, certifying the withdrawal from circulation, falseness or the status of the sample of the banknote), which do not interfere with the identification of the authenticity of banknotes and do not cover more than 50 percent of one of the protective signs, have no more than two punctures, not exceeding 1 mm in diameter.

The previous procedure left the acceptance of old notes at the discretion of the banks. The current rules oblige banks to accept such banknotes for exchange for the national currency, replacement for the same undamaged banknotes, exchange for larger ones, and implementation of conversion operations. Moreover, their subsequent issuance to other clients for other operations is prohibited.

The banknote is considered unsuitable in the following cases: if it is broken into parts, in particular if it is taped (glued up), if the geometric size of the banknote has been changed by 3 mm or more, if there are abrasions and dirt that do not allow to determine the image (picture, portrait, shape) on banknotes, if banknotes have reached a soft state, have significantly lost the degree of hardness, have changed original color or have discolored, burnt out or through.

The banknotes more than 50 percent of one of the main features of solvency of which have been stained with oil, paint or ink, have been subjected to impact of chemical reagents, image (picture, portrait) on which have significantly altered due to the willful damage, the value of which have been changed, the security threads of which have been removed, which have significant inscriptions on them, which have a clear printing deficiency (watermark or security threads of which lack of placed improperly), which have voids or blurred images also will not be accepted.


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