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President Aliyev inaugurates facilities in regions (UPDATE)

28 August 2014 16:34 (UTC+04:00)
President Aliyev inaugurates facilities in regions (UPDATE)

By Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev started his visit to the country's regions on August 28.

President Aliyev first opened a bridge over the Kur River on the Hajigabul-Bahramtapa highway in the city of Shirvan .

Briefing the president on the bridge, Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov said it is 317 meters in length and nearly 15 meters in width.

The outdated metal bridge was set up to resolve serious traffic problems. Although it had been repaired several times, the replacement of the bridge with a new one was urgently needed. The construction of the state-of-the-art facility started in 2011 and it is now ready for operation.

Construction and installation works were carried out on the old bridge to ensure continuous and safe traffic flow.

President Aliyev also attended the opening of the Bulagli-Bahramtapa part of the Hajigabul-Bahramtapa highway.

Mammadov informed the head of state about the technical parameters of the road. The second technical degree road is 72 km in length and 15 meters in width.

Eight new bridges were constructed, 170 water pipes laid and other infrastructural works were carried out during the construction operations. This paved the way for more comfortable and safe movement of people from adjacent districts, including suburban areas.

During his visit to Beylagan region, the president laid flowers at a statue of national leader Heydar Aliyev in the Heydar Aliyev Park.

Head of Beylagan region Executive Authority Vagif Abdullayev informed the president about the landscaping and construction works carried out around the statue. It was noted that all conditions were created for local residents and guests in the reconstructed park.

President Aliyev also attended the opening ceremony of Youth Center in Beylagan.

Construction of the center started in May 2013. The high quality construction work was carried out at a two-storey building to create all conditions for youth.

The center houses a youth cafe, a shooting gallery, a karaoke club and 3D cinemas. A 120-seat hall and a 14-seat auditorium are well suited for conferences and meetings. The center also has an electronic library, a reading room, a languages room, an Internet cafe, gymnastics and dance rooms.

The president met with youth and representatives of local public at the center.

President Aliyev also attended the opening of a chess school in Beylagan.

Construction of the facility started in May 2013 and was completed this February. The construction work was carried out using internal resources. A 50-seat tournament room is fitted with the necessary equipment. The school has a comfortable conference hall, classrooms and teachers rooms.

The school's unique design inspires its students. Teaching aids and information and communication technologies are widely used in the school to comprehensively teach chess to teenagers and youngsters.

President Aliyev also attended the opening of a kindergarten the construction of which was initiated by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Beylagan.

The construction of the 80-seat building started in January and was completed in July 2014. The classrooms of the kindergarten, which were built at a modern level and with high quality, are fitted with all necessary equipment, including teaching aids and toys. All conditions have been created here in order to develop the knowledge and abilities of the children.

Following, the head of state has reviewed the Central City Stadium in Beylagan after major repair and reconstruction.

The construction of the stadium started in January 2014. The high-quality construction work was carried out using internal resources. The 3,000-seat stadium has locker rooms, a press hall, coaching and medical rooms. There is also a rubber-coated running track with six lanes, 11 fitness facilities, basketball, and volleyball and mini-football courts.

The opening of the Central City Stadium in Beylagan will increase local youngsters' interest in football.

President Aliyev also opened the Birinci Shahseven-Ahmadli-Dunyamalilar road in Beylagan.

The road was constructed under the presidential order dated September 12, 2013. Initially 2 million manats was allocated from the President's 2013 Contingency Fund to the Beylagan Region Executive Authority for the construction of the facility.

The road, which links eight residential areas with a total population of 25,000 people, is more than 39 km in length. The construction of a 20km section of the road has already been completed.

The Birinci Shahseven-Ahmadli-Dunyamalilar road meets modern standards. High-quality construction work was carried out in a short period. It saw the construction of 67 aqueducts and installation of different traffic signs along the road.

This fourth technical degree road provides residents of adjacent villages with easy access to the district center and country roads.

The construction of the Birinci Shahseven-Ahmadli-Dunyamalilar road is another testament to the fact that social issues are coped with and road infrastructure is rapidly modernized in Beylagan. This also proves that the government's consistent policy covers the entire country.

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