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Regional economic planning outlines ready in Azerbaijan

29 June 2013 12:20 (UTC+04:00)
Regional economic planning outlines ready in Azerbaijan

By Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan's State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture has completed work on the development of schemes of regional economic planning of the country, deputy chairman of the Committee Dovletkhan Dovletkhanov said on June 28.

According to Dovletkhanov, currently the committee is approving the resettlement scheme on the regional planning, natural resources and territorial organization of the productive forces of economic regions with the central government.

"The elaboration of these plans, due to be adopted by the end of 2013, is envisioned by the state program on the development of the regions. Sectoral programs will be adopted based on these plans which will identify priorities for the development of these regions," Dovletkhanov said.

The regional development plans outline the country's economic development prospects for the next 25 years.

A new governmental program for the socio-economic development of the Azerbaijani regions in the coming years is to be developed due to the completion of the current program in 2013.

Some 4.7 billion manats were allocated in 2012 to finance work under the state program on the social and economic development of Azerbaijani regions in 2009-2013.

According to the "Azerbaijan 2020: Vision of the Future" development c
oncept, taking into account regional development priorities, the state infrastructure, investment policies and business investment strategies will be coordinated and prioritized mainly in terms of economic effectiveness.

The differences between the country's economic regions in terms of the quality of life, per capita production and the volume of investment will be reduced.

Detailed master plans for all Azerbaijani cities will be developed in three years.

"The new Town Planning and Building Code requires development of detailed plans for the cities which will serve as a basis for distribution of construction permits. During the three-year period, each city should have such a plan," Dovletkhanov said.

According to him, some 20 Azerbaijani cities still have no master plans.

"Previous master plans that will not meet the new requirements will also be reviewed," Dovletkhanov said. "About 20 cities remain with no general plans. We will develop them and then proceed to revise the old master plans. According to the new Code, part of the work on urban planning is transferred to the local executive authorities and municipalities; now they have the power to announce tenders to attract contractors and consultants. Funds for this work are allocated from the state budget, and the Committee will coordinate these plans."

According to him, planning of the towns of Naftalan, Mingachevir, Gusar, and Goychay started this year; plans of the towns of Zardab, Zagatala, Siazan, Yardymly, Neftchala, and Balakan are under development; works on developing Ganja and Sumgayit cities' plans are being finalized.

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