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Azerbaijan-France relations hit rock bottom, because of Macron's biased policy

24 April 2024 20:30 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan-France relations hit rock bottom, because of Macron's biased policy
Fatime Letifova
Fatime Letifova
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Yesterday, ADA University hosted the international forum themed COP29 and Green Vision for Azerbaijan. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the forum and responded to questions from the event participants.

In his speech, President said that today we see groundless attacks on Azerbaijan by some countries. We are taking retaliatory measures. Emphasizing that these countries have actually started a cold war against Azerbaijan, the president said: "We take mirror measures and do not cross red lines."

In a comment for Azernews on the issue, Elkhan Shahinoghlu, analyst and head of Baku-based Atlas Research Centre noted that France is on the first place in the list of countries that the Azerbaijani President intended.

"When the head of state expressed his opinion about countries that have a cold attitude towards Azerbaijan, he most likely meant France. France-Azerbaijan relations developed in the 90s. Relations were normal," he said.

The expert linked the tension of French-Azerbaijani relations with Emmanuel Macron's coming to power in France. Thus, Macron spoiled the relations between the countries.

"After Emmanuel Macron was elected president in France, everything changed. As soon as he came to power, he made his pro-Armenian position clear. In the Second Garabagh war, he demonstrated his direct support to Armenia, made anti-Azerbaijani statements, and burned bridges between the countries," Shahinoghlu added.

The political scientist said that French-Azerbaijani relations are currently bad. He also reminded the recall of the official ambassador of Paris to Baku. It is worth noting that Paris has recalled its ambassador in Baku on april 17 "for consultations". Official Paris unjustly accused official Baku of undermining bilateral relations. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has rejected accusations of these unilateral actions.

"Azerbaijan-France relations have hit rock bottom, and they even recalled the Paris ambassador. The West is to blame for this destruction of relations," expert said.

Elkhan Sahinoglu also mentioned other institutions that are biased against Azerbaijan. He said that the United States, in turn, is among the countries waging a cold war.

"France is not the only country that takes a biased position against Azerbaijan. For example, the American Congress still intends to adopt anti-Azerbaijani resolutions and documents under the influence of the Armenian lobby," he added.

The expert drew attention to the biased position of the United States in the region. He mentioned the aid package that Washington will send to Ukraine in the near future.

"Currently, Ukraine is fighting for its territorial integrity. The American Congress allocates 61 billion dollars to Ukraine. However, when Azerbaijan ensures its territorial integrity, the attitude is completely different. This is clearly bias. President Ilham Aliyev also meant such centres, which waged a cold war against Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that during a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the US president Joseph Biden promised to "move quickly" to send Ukraine fresh military aid, as part of a new $61bn (£49bn) support package. And today, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy shared a post on his X account in which he thanked the US President.


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