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Armenia's statement to justify herself is contradictory

12 April 2023 16:50 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia's statement to justify herself is contradictory
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Following yesterday the firing the Azerbaijan Army positions in the direction of Lachin, there was another deliberate provocation by Armenia. The presence of a corps commander in a position of no strategic importance clearly showed that the provocation was under the direct control of the military leadership of Armenia.

Statements made by the Armenian side in order to justify themselves were contradictory. This showed that they were trying to come up with a more or less understandable answer, and the unexpected results were confusing, and as a result, their plans were completely ruined.

Armenia, relying on the presence of the EU mission in the country, hoped that with this attack it would be possible to show Azerbaijan as the culprit. However, it could not achieve its malicious ambitions and now it tries to find some excuses to its provocation.

Further, the Armenian side believes that the chaos and provocations they want to create in the region have been left out of the world's attention. For example, the Russian Telegram channel "Kremlin Laundress" writes that the quotes by the speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Alen Simonyan completely contradicts what Armenia has done yesterday.

"The EU mission will play a significant role in establishing peace in the region" - . Here the question arises: How..? The channel sarcastically writes that "on the border with Azerbaijan, clashes began after the Armenian armed forces "peacefully" fired on Azerbaijani servicemen".

Making a perfect analysis the channel shed some light of Armenia's pre-planned act of provocation underlining name of Armen Gezaryan, commander of the special army corps, whose name appears in the list of the wounded from the Armenian side.

"It is unlikely that the participation of a high-ranking officer in provocative activities could do without the sanction of the highest Armenian leadership in the person of Pashinyan and his direct subordinates. Especially, that the incumbent prime minister himself that day, by some unknown "accident", worked in the building of the Ministry of Defense, along with members of the General Staff and other representatives of the power bloc. And the Armenian Defense Minister Suren Papikyan had a nice conversation with the NATO military in Brussels at the headquarters of the NATO High Command in Europe. Is that a coincidence? It is hard to believe...," the channel added.

When we approach the issue from another aspect, it is reflected once again that Armenia caused this provocation on purpose. Because Armenia's shelling the Azerbaijan Army position took place amid the time when there were certain positive trends in the negotiation process, and there was even an issue on the agenda that the parties would be invited to Washington to continue negotiations. This shows that Armenia, as usual, is not interested in eliminating the problem, but in deepening it.

Armenia's intentions did not come true, and the opposite side received its deserved response once again. The blood of our martyrs did not remain on the ground, the Armenian army suffered more losses.

All responsibility for this incident falls on the military and political leadership of Armenia.

The Armenian authorities should understand that it would be better for both the Armenian state and the Armenian people if they come to terms with the current realities and continue working on a peace agreement, rather than hoping that they will achieve their goals by gaining the support of various forces, rather than continuing the path of successive provocations.


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