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More human remains discovered in liberated lands [VIDEO]

5 April 2022 13:30 (UTC+04:00)
More human remains discovered in liberated lands [VIDEO]

By Vugar Khalilov

More human remains have been found as a result of the excavations carried out in Khojaly region’s Farrukh village in Karabakh, local media reported on April 4.

It is assumed that the remains belong to Azerbaijani servicemen who were killed during the battle for the Farrukh height during the first Karabakh war or to Azerbaijanis who fled during the Khojaly genocide in the early 1990s.

Several more body remains from the first Karabakh war (the 1990s) were unearthed during excavations in three areas around Farrukh village on March 30.

The previous remains were discovered on March 29 during earthwork carried out by Azerbaijani servicemen in the village.

Military expert Adalat Verdiyev said that the discovery of human remains in Khojaly's Farrukh village once again demonstrates Armenia's anti-Azerbaijan atrocities.

“The remains found in Farrukh village may belong to our citizens who died during the genocide committed by Armenian armed forces in Khojaly [city], or in the battles for the village. We’ll know about this for sure only after the DNA examination,” Verdiyev underlined.

The expert stressed that almost the entire territory of Azerbaijan's Karabakh is covered with the blood of both Azerbaijani civilians and servicemen killed by Armenian armed forces in the early 1990s.

Human remains were discovered several times during engineering and construction work on Azerbaijani territory recovered from Armenian occupation as a result of the 44-day war in 2020, he added.

"As the construction work in our liberated territories continues, such mass graves will be revealed. Despite the fact that 30 years have passed, thousands of our citizens will be able to learn about the fate of their relatives who went missing," Verdiyev said.

Along with Khojaly’s Farrukh village, a mass grave was also found in Khojavand region’s Edilli village, he said.

“One of the reasons why Armenians stubbornly refuse to leave the lands of Karabakh is the likelihood of finding the remains of most of the 4,000 Azerbaijanis who died during the first Karabakh war,” Verdiyev underlined.

The policy of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity carried out by Armenian armed forces against Azerbaijanis in the First Karabakh War is well known.

The Karabakh region bears the scars of these atrocities. Eyewitness testimony and research in Azerbaijani-controlled areas of the region have shown the presence of mass graves in the former Nagorno-Karabakh territory, proving such crimes.

To recap, Azerbaijani servicemen hoisted the national flag in Farrukh village on March 27, 2022.

The Azerbaijani armed forces regained full control over the village, clearing it from illegal Armenian armed groups, who had to leave Azerbaijan's internationally-recognized territories in Karabakh under the ceasefire deal signed by Baku, Moscow and Yerevan on November 10, 2020.

Farrukh enters the administrative area of Pirlar village in Khojaly region located 16 km of Asgaran settlement and 32 km of Khankandi.


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