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Expert: Russian weapons play important role in defense of Azerbaijan

28 April 2017 14:12 (UTC+04:00)
Expert: Russian weapons play important role in defense of Azerbaijan

By Rashid Shirinov

Russia has recently delivered a batch of ammunition and modern military equipment for various purposes to Azerbaijan in accordance with an agreement on military-technical cooperation signed between the two countries.

Arzu Nagiyev, political expert, deputy director general of Trend Agency, believes that the fact that Moscow supplies Baku with the newest types of its weapons, strengthening Azerbaijani defense, is an important moment in the military-technical cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijan is in a state of martial law, so we are fulfilling a bilateral agreement on the purchase of Russian weapons. Of course, today Russian weapons play a very important role in the defense of Azerbaijan. As the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict continues, we really need these weapons,” he noted in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

The expert added that the fact that Russia is supplying Azerbaijan with its latest weapons can also be considered a positive development.

“I think these weapons will play a big role in the rearmament and defense of the Azerbaijani army,” Nagiyev said.

Military expert, Lieutenant-Colonel of the reserve Mirshamil Khadiev, in turn, told Trend that this new batch of modern military equipment is only a small portion of weapons the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry is acquiring.

He noted that the weapons and equipment were purchased not to display them at a parade or ceremonial review.

“They were purchased specifically for use in battle, destruction of the enemy and liberation of our occupied territories. I am sure that the purchased military equipment and weapons will be used during the fulfillment of this sacred duty,” the expert said.

Khadiev added that this military equipment and weaponry will soon be examined by specialists and sent to Azerbaijani units located in the combat zone, which will further increase the combat capabilities of the personnel during active clashes.

“Phased modernization and use of weapons and equipment of new generation will contribute to the solution of the tasks set before our Armed Forces,” he noted.

The expert also said that Azerbaijani army continues to hold its place among the strongest armies of the world in terms of technical support and combat readiness and it is able to solve any military task.


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