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Monitoring carried out in Kura,Araz rivers

12 January 2017 12:09 (UTC+04:00)
Monitoring carried out in Kura,Araz rivers

By Laman Ismayilova

The National Monitoring Department on Environment of the Azerbaijani Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry carried out the next monitoring in the transboundary rivers for the first decade of January.

The ministry reported that water consumption in Kura river held 146m3/sec in the first decade of January decreasing 33m3/sec in relation to the third decade of December.

The results of the monitoring in Kura river show that the amount of bio substances were considerably more than norm due to domestic wastes and slops of industrial institutions discharged directly to water objects without purification from the territories of Georgia and Armenia.

Phenol and copper compounds as specific contaminants in the water component exceeded the admissible turbidity level.

In this regard phenols and copper compounds exceeded the turbidity level trice and five fold in Shikhli 2 settlement, thrice and fourfold in Aghstafachay settlement, thrice and twice in Aghstafachay.

In first decade of January within Araz river phenols and copper compounds exceeded the turbidity level twice, twice and one fold in Horadiz settlement, trice and trice in I Shahsevan settlement, twice and twice in Bahramtapa settlement respectively.

The water oxygen regime changed within the sanitary norm in all settlements being about 5.99-6.42mg/l.

The heavy metals and other hazardous, toxic, and radioactive wastes brought by the Okhchuchay, which takes its beginning from Armenian territory, pollute the Araz River.

Following Araz River’s flowing into the Kur River, these hazardous materials in turn pollute the Kur River that is the main source of drinkable water for majority of Azerbaijani regions.

The Kura River is significant for Azerbaijan, which suffers water shortages throughout the year, when compared with the two another Southern Caucasus countries.


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