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Azerbaijan celebrates last Tuesday before Novruz

16 March 2021 10:49 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan celebrates last Tuesday before Novruz

By Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijan is today marking the last Tuesday before Novruz holiday. People are celebrating the awakening of earth on this day.

The Earth Tuesday is full of rituals and ancient traditions. The day is considered as the most festive with candles on the table, dishes cooked and sweets prepared.

Traditionally, each family lit torches on the roof of their houses by the number of family members. Today, instead of torches, people light candles in homes according to the number of family members. Everyone chooses a candle and makes a wish.

Another tradition of the last Tuesday celebration is fortune-telling on a ring. On the Last Tuesday, young girls and boys secretly listen to conversations inside neighbors' houses.

This tradition is also known as a "Gulag faly". If they hear something positive it means that their wishes will come true.

Azerbaijani people also believe that there should be seven items on the Last Tuesday table and their names should all begin with the letter "S" in Azerbaijani. For example, water (su), wheat shoots (samani), sumakh, vinegar (sirke), sabzi (greens), onion (sogan), garlic (sarimsag), etc. Except for the listed dishes there should be a mirror.

Salt, water, money, bread, matches, oil and dairy products should not be given from home on the Earth Tuesday.

The last Tuesday before Novruz should be spent at home. Otherwise, you will be celebrating the holiday outside your home for seven years.


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