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Armenian lobby's attack on Azerbaijani culture continues

2 June 2024 17:14 (UTC+04:00)
Armenian lobby's attack on Azerbaijani culture continues
Fatime Letifova
Fatime Letifova
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Armenia has not only invaded Azerbaijan's territories but also attempted to illegally appropriate its history rich in heroism, its culture, cuisine, and traditions.

Azerbaijanis take pride in their rich culture and music and simultaneously are cautious about any attempt to misappropriate their cultural heritage, especially by western neighbour - Armenia.

This is an undeniable fact that Azerbaijan produced the first opera and ballet in the Muslim East and has peculiar music combining various elements of traditional and Western music synthesis.

Of special sensitivity is the issue of plagiarism of Azerbaijani music by neighgouring Armenia. For decades, Azerbaijanis have accused Armenians of appropriating their music with dozens of Azerbaijani composers filing lawsuits against their Armenian counterparts.

Armenia’s plagiarism attempts have covered music genres ranging from folk songs, traditional ashug music, compositions by Azerbaijani classics as well as folk dances.

Armenians to this date believe that famous "San Galmaz Oldun" song by Azerbaijani composer Alakbar Taghiyev written to the lyrics of Madina Gulgun is an Armenian song composed by Armenian musician Civan Gasparyan.

Today, Taghiyev’s track is being promoted around the world as an Armenian song, while Armenians accuse Azerbaijanis of stealing this song from them.

Even the most unlikely music pieces are being plagiarized by Armenians.

Armenians plagiarized Uzeyir Hajibeyli’s "Chirpinirdi Qara Deniz" (the Black Sea was Fluttering) and produced it under the name "Kamancha" and named it "Song of the Year" in Armenia in 2019.

Recently, Azerbaijan's Republic Day was celebrated at Azerbaijan's Embassy in London. During the event, Azerbaijan's folk music was played for guests. The Armenians, who had already reached the limit of shamelessness, reacted inappropriately to the music and claimed that it belonged to the Armenians.

It is interesting that while Armenia, deprived of the occupied Azerbaijani lands, has declared that it wants to sign peace with Azerbaijan, it is now coveting the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. It is clear that the Armenian lobby, which is gnashing its teeth outside the South Caucasus, is trying to express its anger through theft and shamelessness, as it cannot find another excuse. With that, they aim to get more enmity between the two nations.

Currently, peace negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia remain outstanding. At such a moment, Armenia's inappropriate attitude towards the historical and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan is an obstacle to future peace in every sense.

In a word, to ensure a peaceful and secure future, Armenia should stop such provocations and treat the territories and cultures of neighboring states with respect and sensitivity.


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