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Ecology Ministry: Armenia grew narcotic plants in occupied Azerbaijani territories

29 October 2020 14:32 (UTC+04:00)
Ecology Ministry: Armenia grew narcotic plants in occupied Azerbaijani territories

By Ayya Lmahamad

Armenia grew narcotic plants in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, Deputy Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Firdovsi Aliyev has stated.

Armenia, which has been occupying Nagorno-Karabakh and adjacent regions of Azerbaijan for many years, was engaged in illegal activities in these territories, destroying natural resources, flora and fauna, polluting water bodies, and engaging in cultivation of narcotic plants and trade of drugs, the official said.

Deputy minister underlined that the occupation of Azerbaijani territories along with such illegal activities as cultivation and transportation of drugs, have become an area favorable for environmental, economic and other crimes.

Moreover, he stressed that the illegal activity of Armenian occupiers, which poses a threat to the region’s environmental security is a gross violation of many international conventions, including international agreements, imposing certain obligations to Armenia.

Furthermore, the deputy minister emphasized that rivers and other water sources in these areas were polluted, the population living in the front-line zone could not use the reservoirs, and the environmental terrorism carried out in relation to water resources posed a serious threat to the population living nearby.

Aliyev also stated that during the sowing season, when the demand for water is higher, Armenian occupiers cut off the water supply, and as a result, due to acute water shortage, soil degradation occurred. In addition, it was noted that during the non-sowing season, the discharge of large volumes of water from the reservoirs has seriously damaged the farms of nearby territories.

Likewise, he emphasized that Armenia has ignored the requirements of various conventions and resolutions.

Additionally, he stressed the necessity to inform international organizations about the serious damage to the environment, the plunder of natural resources and other illegal activities of Armenia in the occupied territories, to put an end to its grave environmental crimes there.


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