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Yerevan's resettling of Syrian Armenians in occupied Karabakh is war crime

20 December 2017 16:00 (UTC+04:00)
Yerevan's resettling of Syrian Armenians in occupied Karabakh is war crime

By Rashid Shirinov

The policy of resettlement of Syrian refugees of Armenian origin to the occupied Azerbaijani lands is a serious violation of international humanitarian law and this is objectively outlined in the statement of the Azerbaijani delegation to the UN.

Azerbaijani political scientist Fikret Sadikhov made the remarks in his recent interview with

Last week, the Azerbaijani delegation to the UN made a statement noting that the process of resettling Syrian refugees of Armenian origin to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan is a grave breach of international humanitarian law. The document stated that as a result of the ongoing military aggression of Armenia and the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, Azerbaijan hosts one of the largest internally displaced populations per capita in the world.

Sadikhov recalled that there are periodic news about the exodus of Syrian Armenians from Armenia, and noted that this fact already heralds the critical situation in this half-ruined country.

“The state of the Armenian economy is extremely depressing, the standard of living in Yerevan, let alone in the occupied Karabakh, is very low. Therefore, it is hardly worth talking about some mass resettlement of Armenians there,” the expert said.

He noted that it is clear that the ruling regime has such a desire. Armenian authorities continue attempts to drum up their compatriots to the occupied Azerbaijani lands in order to promote their provocative plans.

“Although the fact was suppressed previously, now local media periodically write about this in Armenia,” Sadikhov said.

In order to increase the small population of Armenia as well as to artificially expand the presence of Armenians in the occupied Azerbaijani lands, the desperate Armenian government tries to attract ethnic Armenians who have fled the war in Syria. However, majority of Syrian Armenians reject this proposal – they do not agree to live in the undeveloped regions of Armenia and in the occupied Karabakh, where living conditions are getting worse daily.

Sadikhov noted that under international law, Armenia-pursued policy of illegal settlement is a war crime.

“Armenia encourages the resettlement of Armenians living in Syria and Lebanon to the occupied territories of a foreign state, which is absolutely contrary to the principles of international law,” the expert added. “Consequently, this serious political adventure of Armenia should be given a serious international assessment.”

Meanwhile, more than a million of Azerbaijani refugees and internally displaced persons, who were expelled from their lands by Armenians during the Nagorno-Karabakh war, are awaiting for the day when all of them will return to their native places.


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