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Georgian journalists overturn another Armenian provocation

17 September 2023 14:00 (UTC+04:00)
Georgian journalists overturn another Armenian provocation


To create public opinion for their heinous and dishonorable foreign policy based on invasion, murdering, looting and mass killing, Armenians and the Armenian diaspora restor to all known and unknown measures. On the one hand, they use all platforms to smear Azerbaijan and to manipulate the facts. On the other hand, they organize lynching against the people who voice the requirements of international law. As is known, several international media representatives, including a few French journalists who supported Azerbaijan's positions based on international law, were harassed, blackmailed, and dismissed from their jobs.

With the help of such atrocious steps, Armenians are managed to silence international mass media, and only Azerbaijani or Turkish media try to speak up and demonstrate the real face of their malicious policy. Of course, playing victim cards, Hayk interpret the situation in their own favour, ostensibly the whole world supports them and except only two countries that "aim to commit genocide against them."

One of such situation has happened in Georgia recently. Ramilia Aliyeva, Head of the Diversity Georgia Group of the Georgian Public Broadcaster, has been subjected to harassment and blackmails from the Armenian lobby operating in Georgia for a long. Armenians try to put all possible pressure on the company where she works through fake public opinion to get her fired.

Recently, Armenian Community in Georgia released a post on the Facebook and said that they condemn the visit of the Director General of the public broadcaster to Shusha. Going further, the Community called historic Azerbaijani city as an Armenian town. It should be recalled the Community that they do not live in brain-washed Hayastan but Georgia and fraternal Sakartvelo recognizes Azerbaijan's territorial integrity. Besides, it should also remind this brainwashed community that not only Georgia but also Armenia recognize Garabagh as Azerbaijani territory. I advise the leader of the community to read the words of Nikol Pashinyan over Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

In addition, the Community accused Ramilia Aliyeva and her co-workers of overlooking the so-called "starvation of 120,000 people who were subjected to genocide." Needless to say, it is another manipulation aiming at the Georgian population. Everybody in the world knows that not Azerbaijan but the Armenian side blocks the roads and keeps Armenian minorities in Garabagh as hostages. Azerbaijan sent a food convoy to Garabagh but provocateurs linked to the separatist gangs have been blocking the road for several weeks. Besides, the whole world is well aware of the massacres, such as Khojaly, Meshali and so on, committed by Armenians in the 1990s.

The most tragicomic part of the post is that the Armenian community speaks about the responsibilities of journalism and gives advice to Ramilia Aliyeva and her co-workers.

As I told before, Armenian lobbies and communities throughout the world commit all possible measures including killing, threatening, lynching and so on to silence the journalists. So, no Armenian has any moral right to speak about the responsibilities of journalism, let alone advising someone. However, as a journalist and a person who bares great love for Sakartvelo I have a right to call the same community to condemn the atrocity committed by Bagramyan Batallion against Georgians in the Abkhazian war. Guys, you live in Georgia not in Armenia so you either have to love the country or leave it for brainwashed Hayasten.

To top it all off, in the end of the post, the community calls on Armenian journalists to protect the interests of Armenians. Yes, last sentence is the real face of Hay intention. It seems that, unlike Armenian journalists, Ramilia Aliyeva and her co-workers are real journalists, they do not protect any sides except the realities and facts. Thanks Ramilia, thanks Georgian Public Media for your courageous stance.


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