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Mugham, globally conquering music

26 August 2014 16:12 (UTC+04:00)
Mugham, globally conquering music

By Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan's soulful folk music, Mugham, conquers the hearts of its listeners both inside and outside of the country.

This love is not surprise for Azerbaijanis, but adornment of foreigners with this authentic music draws attention.

Mugham started to enter into the global culture at the beginning of the last century by attracting the attention of cultural experts and music critics around the globe.

Vocal-instrumental varieties of the compositions are performed by a group of the performers, consisting of a singer - Khanende, playing on gaval (a percussion musical instrument), Tar (a stringed musical instrument) and Kamancha (a stringed musical instrument).

The music of Mugham attracts young and old people by its luscious and delightful sounds, which are pleasing to ears.

The origin of Mugham goes back to early centuries. During this time, the music has absorbed different cultures, turning into a unique piece of art. Study of the history of Mugham reflects the stages of progress of Azerbaijan itself.

Magical Mugham has inspired many people who were not aware of Azerbaijan before listening to this music like American Jeffrey Werbock. He devoted his life to the popularizing Azerbaijani Mugham in the U.S. and even created a documentary film in this regard.

Canada have celebrated the day of this folk music annually performing Mugham and music of the countries located on the Great Silk Road in Niagara city on August 26 since 2010.

Azerbaijan is proud of its national music. It has been able to preserve it during the hard time of the Soviet Union, when national art forms were out of favor. However, people gave their lives to save this form of art. It was even sent into space as a worthily sample of musical creativity of the world civilization.

Nowadays, Azerbaijan encourages the art of Mugham through holding international festivals and competitions. The International Center of Mugham was built in the form of tar in Baku in 2008.

Baku is holding International Mugham festivals with the participation of world musical bands to popularize Azerbaijani Mugham in the modern world.

As a pearl of Azerbaijani music art, Mugham, never stops developing and continues to take new forms now which make it more international with the interest from abroad.

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