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"Emir Teymur" goes on stage in Baku

22 May 2014 15:20 (UTC+04:00)
"Emir Teymur" goes on stage in Baku

By Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theater hosted the premiere of "Emir Teymur" on May 20.

The performance is based on the "Lame Teymur" historical drama by outstanding Azerbaijani playwright Huseyn Javid.

The five-act drama was created in 1925, published in 1926, and staged the same year in Baku.

The play depicts Emir Teymur not as a brutal conqueror, but, as shown by some historians, as a great commander who tried to unite the Turkic world, patronized science, arts, crafts, and trade, was modest and simple, and had a sharp and inquiring mind.

July 20, 1402, was the day of the historical battle of Angora near Ankara between Turkish-Uzbek army of Emir Teymur and the army of the Ottoman Sultan Yildirim Bayezid, the strongest and most influential rulers of the early 15th century.

Prior to the battle, Emir Teymur offered to divide areas of influence, "The world is large and it is enough for two". However, the Sultan rejected his proposal. He also occupied Teymur's territory and sent him an insulting letter.

In this battle, Emir Teymur defeated the enemy and took the Sultan captive. However, Emir Teymur still showed generosity, pardoned Bayezid, and called for the unification of the Turkic world.

The event preceding the battle and its consequences and the relations between the two great rulers that were different in nature are the basis of Javid's drama, which was presented to the audience in its original language - Turkish- by the director, Honored Art Worker Mehriban Alekperzade.

Production designer Ilham Elhanoglu, costume designer Aygun Mahmudova, lighting designer Rafael Hasanov, composer Honored Art Worker Aygun Samedzade, and choreographer and fight scenes director Honored Artist Parviz Mamedrzaev were incvolved in the play.

Colorful medieval-era costumes, stage decorations, and fabulous acting stirred up the audience's applause.

The excellent performance of Azerbaijan People's Artist Nureddin Mehdihanly (Emir Teymur) and young actors Hikmet Rahimov (Yildirim Bayezid) and Elgun Gamidov (crazy clown "Chicken") should be noted as well.

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