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Today is birthday of People's Artist Mohsun Sanani [PHOTOS]

19 June 2024 12:11 (UTC+04:00)
Today is birthday of People's Artist Mohsun Sanani [PHOTOS]

Mohsun Sanani, who devoted 50 years of his life to Azerbaijani theater art, is one of the prominent and famous artists of the Azerbaijani stage. When his name is mentioned, everyone is happy and smiles. The actor's repertoire is rich and complex. His unique artistry, innate talent, and constant concern for the young generation made his art popular. Sanani had all kinds of abilities that are very important for an actor - singing, playing, playing. "Sanani" is his pseudonym. His real surname is Jafarov.

Azernews reports, citing AzerTag that today 124 years have passed since the birth of Mohsun Sanani, the luminary of Azerbaijani theater and cinema, People's Artist.

Mohsun Sanani Jafarov was born in 1900 in the "Sheytanbazar" neighborhood of Tbilisi in a spiritual family. When he was 4-5 years old, he lost his parents and was taken care of by his grandmother. In 1906, his grandmother sent Mohsun to Madrasa. His grandmother's goal was to prepare Mohsin to become a mullah and make him a mourner like his father in the future. However, Mohsun could neither complete his studies nor fulfill his grandmother's wish. In 1908, his grandmother died, and his aunt Molla Zinyat took him under her protection. Molla Zinyat is the mother of People's Artist of the Republic Ali Gurbanov.

Molla Zinyat wants Mohsuni more than her children. He personally deals with Sanani's singing. However, Ms. Zinyat's condition was not good either. He had many family members. Despite this, Zinyat keeps Mohsun and her sister as her own children. The younger Mohsun is ashamed of being a burden to her and her sister's aunt. Therefore, he has to work since 1909. He endures all kinds of suffering and hard work in "Sheytanbazar".

Enthusiasm for the stage arose in Sanani from his teenage years. He watched with great enthusiasm the performances of local theaters and artists who came to Tbilisi on tour. Mohsun pays attention to the play of theater actors and the voice of dervishes singing in the squares and imitates them. In this way, he develops his reading ability. In 1911, Mohsen appeared in front of a large crowd for the first time. Although he is very excited, his speech has a deep impact on listeners and viewers. In 1912, Mohsin joined a small association of amateurs and began to try his hand at one-act narratives in these associations. The first director of Mohsu was Mirzakhan Guliyev, a distinguished comic actor of the Tbilisi Muslim Artists Group. Thus, Mirzakhan Guliyev and the actors of Tbilisi like Mirzali Abbasov, Mustafa Mardanov, and Ibrahim Isfahanli, who watched Mohsun, hope for his talent. This hope increases Mohsun's love for the stage. Those who were envious of Mohsin's art and wanted to extinguish his enthusiasm were the friends of his father, Molla Sadykh. However, there were many who loved Mohsu. The father of a close Georgian friend, "Uncle Vano", makes Mohsun unemployed at the tram park. With the salary he received here, he supported himself and his sister, but also relieved the situation of his aunt.

Intellectuals and well-known people of the time often held meetings to help these theater associations and societies established in Tbilisi. Such meetings took place in the bezzaz shop (a cloth shop) of Mustafa Mardanov's father, Haji Hashim Mardanov.

Progressive-minded figures of Georgia and enlightened Azerbaijani intellectuals effectively helped this theater and actors in paying building costs and organizing performances. Nariman Narimanov, Ali Taghizadeh, Ashraf Yuzbaşiyev, Hasanbay Zardabi, Uzeyir Hajibeyli, and Mardanov brothers were supporters and promoters of theater art.

In 1915, M. Sanani, Mirzali Abbasov, Mirseyfaddin Kirmanshahli, Mirzakhan Guliyev, Mustafa Mardanov and others. They are involved in the Tbilisi troupe. In the same year, Mohsun was assigned the role of the blacksmith Kave's son in the play "Kaveyi-Ahangar" prepared with the participation of Huseyn Arablinsky. He plays this role very skillfully. Despite the weight of his situation and living in financial need, he gives up all professions but only engages in acting. During this period, many famous artists worked in the Tbilisi theater troupe. Among them, Mirzali Abbasov, Mirzakhan Guliyev, Ashraf Yuzbaşiyev, Mirseyfaddin Kirmanshahli, Ibrahim Isfahanli, Tarlan Khanum, Ali Askarov, Hasan Sabri, Pasha Mahmudov, Kaftaradze, Panfiliya Tanailidi, Ali Gurbanov and others. we can name it. Mohsun Sanani was the youngest actor among them.

Despite being young, in a short time, he was assigned responsible roles such as Heydar Bey, Suleyman Bey, Vali ("Arshin Mal Alan"), Porter ("Mashadi Ibad"), Rzagulu ("Nadir Shah"), Cassio ("Othello"). Those roles make a breakthrough in Sanani's acting and bring him real actor fame. From 1915 to 1920, M. Sanani worked in the Tbilisi theater troupe, and from 1921 he began to shine on the theater stages of Baku. He played memorable and unique roles not only in the theater but also in cinema. Among them are "Sabuhi", "Let it not be that, let it be this", "Magic robe" and others. it is enough to mention the movies.

Mohsun Sanani, who has never left the stage for fifty years, is a beloved and famous artist of our appreciative people. Studying his rich stage experience and creative features is as effective as it is interesting for our young actors and cinematographers.


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