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Majestic medieval fortress in Gadabay

9 September 2021 12:26 (UTC+04:00)
Majestic medieval fortress in Gadabay

By Laman Ismayilova

Majestic Namerd Gala has gained immense popularity and has attracted tourists from other parts of the world.

Namerd Gala, also known as the Maiden Tower is a marvelous medieval fortress in Gadabay's Sudlu village. There is no exact data on the construction of the fortress.

Nobody knows why it was built, however, some researchers suggest that the fortress was constructed in the 12th century.

There are semicircular turrets at the corners of the fortress, built on rocks. There are two-levels inside the tower.

The upper level is located at the highest point of the mountain. The south side of the upper level is connected to the lower level.

Namerd Gala differs from other fortresses as it was constructed from baked bricks.

There are also hidden exits from the fortress and an underground tunnel leading to the Shamkirchay River.

Adventure seekers can enjoy a fascinating view from the fortress, which is surrounded by emerald forests.

Meanwhile, a new road has been constructed on the way to Namerd Gala in Gadabay.

The total length of the road, built on the initiative of Gadabay executive office, is about 10-12 kilometers.

Mahrasa Temple

Not far from Namerd Gala, there is the Albanian temple of Mahrasa. The ancient temple on the banks of Shamkirchay River is another eye-catching site that is worth visiting.

Some historical sources say that Mahrasa functioned as one of the great temples of fire worship.

This ancient temple was one of the central temples in the Albanian province of Girdiman. Next to the temple there is a building that resembles a caravanserai.

Boyukgala Fortress

Boyukgala Fortress is another place worth visiting in Gadabay.

The fortress belongs to the iron age. Moreover, it is also included in the list of monuments of world importance.

The region also attracts attention with countless caves, ancient Albanian churches and temples. Each of these temples is an archaeological monument of the Bronze Age.

A trip to Gadabay will definitely grab the attention of all travellers. Here one can also enjoy multiple historical monuments like the 16th century Galakand Fortress, the 19th century arched bridge and much more.


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