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Tar musician thills listeners with Brazilian song [PHOTO/VIDEO]

28 April 2021 11:15 (UTC+04:00)
Tar musician thills listeners with Brazilian song [PHOTO/VIDEO]

By Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijani tar musician Ismayil Zulfuqarov has released a new music video.The musician thrilled the listeners with the song "Tico-Tico no fubá" song.

The music video features "IZ" group, which includes Ismayil Zulfuqarov (tar), Ulvi Ismayil (piano) and Jafar Hasanov (percussion).

The project also brought together Idris Huseynov (mix-mastering) and Tural Teyfuroglu, who filmed the music video. The song was released by "Elegiya" music studio.

"Tico-Tico no fubá" is a Brazilian choro song written by Zequinha de Abreu in 1917. Its original title was "Tico-Tico no farelo" ("sparrow in the bran"), but since Brazilian guitarist Américo Jacomino "Canhoto" (1889–1928) had a work with the same title. Abreu's work was given its present name in 1931, and sometime afterward Aloysio de Oliveira wrote the original Portuguese lyrics.

Earlier, Ismayil Zulfuqarov delighted the audience with another music video. The song entitled "Gara Gashin vesmesi" was performed by the tar musician together with Erol Rzayev (cello), Jafar Hasanov (percussion).

The music video was filmed by Tural Teyfuroglu, Murshud Valiyev (cameraman), Valeh Baghirov ( lighting director). Namiq Zeynalov (mix-master) and STT production were also involved in the project.

Ismayil Zulfuqarov is one of such tar musicians who has entirety devoted himself to this ancient music instrument.

Young musician inherited love of music from his family, especially grandfather and uncle who enjoyed playing tar. As a child, he also admired musical performances of acclaimed tar musicians.

Fascinating tar performances totally captivated the heart of the young boy and opened the door to a whole new world for him.

Today Ismayil Zulfugarov is a multiple winner of international music competitions. Famous for his r&b/electro music, the tar musician has successfully represented Azerbaijan in Turkey, France, Russia, China and Lithuania.

His joint concerts with well-known French musician Philippe Ganier (Filigan) left no one indifferent.

In 2020, the tar musician performed together with Russian IP ORCHESTRA. The program titled "Legendary Rock Hits" featured songs by world-famous bands, including AC / DC, Metallica, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Green Day, Placebo, Blur, Corn, Rammstein, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Marlin Manson, Cranberries and others.

For more music video, please visit the musician's YouTube Channel.


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Tar musician thills listeners with Brazilian song [PHOTO/VIDEO] - Gallery Image
Tar musician thills listeners with Brazilian song [PHOTO/VIDEO] - Gallery Image
Tar musician thills listeners with Brazilian song [PHOTO/VIDEO] - Gallery Image
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