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Supply scheme connecting Kalbajar and Lachin electricity grids to be created

25 November 2023 19:35 (UTC+04:00)
Supply scheme connecting Kalbajar and Lachin electricity grids to be created

A circular electricity supply scheme connecting the electricity grids of the Kalbajar and Lachin districts will be created. Completion works are carried out in the center, which is equipped with the most modern equipment, Azernews reports, citing a post of AzerIshig on Facebook.

The post reads that the Kalbajar Digital Control Center will play an important role in providing the region with stable and uninterrupted electricity in the future. At the same time, the construction of the "Istisu" 110-35 square meter substation has been started in the Istisu area.

Works in the direction of Zar, Zaylik, Istisu, Aggaya, Marjimek and Yellija are nearing completion. New poles carrying electricity are planted in the mentioned villages, and modern insulated cable lines are laid. These types of insulated cable lines are both environmentally friendly and safe, and minimize energy loss. Also, in severe weather conditions in high-mountainous areas, open wires are exposed due to icing and tree branch contact in the section passing through the forest strip. Eliminating such accidents requires a lot of time. These types of problems do not arise in insulated cables. Moreover, open cables should have a protection length of 30 meters. Considering that the lines are tens of kilometers long, it is not difficult to imagine how much vacant land is lost. In insulated cables, the protection zone is only 4-6 meters. This is intended for the equipment to work in the event of an accident.

It should be noted that until now, a 110 kV power transmission line has been built from the "Ganja-2" substation located in Ganja to Dashkasan as a source of Kalbajar electricity, as well as 110 kV and 35 kV power lines in several directions in Kalbajar. In general, a large number of KTMs have been installed in the region. On June 26, 2022, President Ilham Aliyev participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of Kalbajar Digital Management Center.


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