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Maps of 157 administrative-territorial districts prepared

7 October 2023 18:00 (UTC+04:00)
Maps of 157 administrative-territorial districts prepared

A zonal meeting on land and property management was held in Shamkir, jointly organised by the State Real Estate Service and the executive authorities of Shamkir district. The meeting was attended by officials of local executive authorities of Shamkir, Tovuz, Gazakh, Agstafa and Kedabey districts, representatives of relevant state institutions and municipalities, Azernews reports.

State services reported that information on management, use and protection of lands and state property, formation of opinions and other issues related to transfer of municipal lands to ownership or lease of legal entities and individuals, as well as development of electronic base maps was presented at the event.

It was noted that in Shamkir, Tovuz, Gazakh, Agstafa and Gadabay districts a detailed cadastral database on land and immovable property in the total area of 389 thousand hectares has been created. As a result of works on cadastral registration, boundaries of municipalities and state lands have been defined, maps of 157 administrative-territorial districts have been prepared and submitted to Milli Majlis. Electronic cadastral registration of lands of Shamkir district in electronic form was demonstrated at the event.

The analysis of monitoring conducted by the State Service in these regions during the months of last year and January-September of this year, as well as data received from the executive authorities of the regions, shows that in a number of cases land areas suitable for agriculture are not used for their intended purpose, in violation of the requirements of the legislation the lands are withdrawn from cultivation and the fertile layer is damaged, useful plantings, pastures and grazing areas are unreasonably given or occupied for non-agricultural purposes.

In total, during 2022 and 9 months of 2023, the monitoring of the State Real Estate Service identified and documented about 400 such cases of land law violations. During this period, 152 administrative protocols for violations of land legislation were drawn up on the relevant land users and a fine of AZN 75 thousand was imposed.

At the event, attention was drawn to the importance of expanding joint activities with relevant state bodies and taking serious measures in the direction of preventing and eliminating violations of land legislation. Preventive measures, continuous training and explanatory work related to observance of legislation in the field of land use and protection were emphasised,

Speaking representatives of regional executive authorities and other state bodies, mayors of municipalities told about the problems they faced in the sphere of land and property management.

At the end, the participants' questions were answered and their suggestions were listened to.


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