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Azerbaijani power company working toward supplying Zangilan with electricity

18 May 2022 15:45 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijani power company working toward supplying Zangilan with electricity

Work is underway to provide Zangilan region and other liberated territories with electricity, Azernews reports.

As instructed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the large-scale work is underway by Azerishig power company within the framework of the Smart Village project, implemented in the Agali village of Zangilan region.

The company noted that a modern 35 kW transmission line is being built to provide electricity to the area.

According to Azerishig, another major project is the power supply of an international airport under construction in Zangilan. Double-circuit power line with a voltage of 35 kW is being laid at the airport.

The protective zone of new type isolated power lines with a voltage of 35 kW (3 - 6 meters) is 6 - 10 times less than that of existing power lines (30 - 40 meters). If technical losses in existing 35 kW wires are 9-12 percent, then in insulated wires of the modern type, they are 3.5 - 4 percent.

Operating costs of such transmission lines are reduced by up to 30 percent and annual consumption of materials - by up to 25 percent.

It was added that the safety of local residents, as well as agricultural land located directly under and near high-voltage power lines, is greatly increased.

Besides, the usage of a new type of insulated transmission line with a voltage of 35 kW makes it possible to bring indicators of stability, reliability, and efficiency of Azerbaijan’s energy system closer to international standards.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan increased its electricity production by 3.3 percent or 292.2 million kWh, bringing the volume to 9.2 billion kWh during the period of January-April 2022.

In January-April, electricity imports increased by 6.6 million kWh to 40.7 million kWh, while exports decreased by 35.4 million kWh to 518.6 million kWh.

Furthermore, in April 2022, the country's electricity production increased by 1.2 percent, or 23.1 million kWh to 2 billion kWh. Electricity exports decreased by 36 million kWh to 11 million kWh during the reported month, while imports decreased by 5.1 million kWh to 10 million kWh.


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