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CBA to produces banknote with new design [PHOTO]

23 April 2022 14:50 (UTC+04:00)
CBA  to produces banknote with new design [PHOTO]

From June 22, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) will put into circulation a 10-manat banknote with a new design.

The security elements and design of the banknote inspired by the history theme have been updated using with the latest technologies.

"The new security elements of the updated banknote are a color-changing 3D effect hologram, the Spark Live element, watermark (State Emblem of Azerbaijan), visual identification for the visually impaired, vertical design, security thread, printing without ink, and micro-texts,” the CBA reported.

The process of adapting all cash systems and equipment used in Azerbaijan to the updated banknote has already started in the country.

Notably, Azerbaijan's Central Bank put an AZN 20 banknote with a Karabakh theme into circulation in February.

On the eve of the Central Bank's 30th anniversary, the issuance was carried out as part of the rejuvenation of national currency using the most recent innovations and technology available in worldwide practice.

The main design elements on the currency dedicated to the Karabakh motif are images of swords, helmets, and shields that depict the Azerbaijani people's power, strength, and determination, as well as a number of design elements, including the word 'Karabakh' and the victory symbol- Khari Bulbul flower.


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CBA  to produces banknote with new design [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
CBA  to produces banknote with new design [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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