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Any Armenian provocations at West's behest are ineffective for Azerbaijan

11 August 2023 13:00 (UTC+04:00)
Any Armenian provocations at West's behest are ineffective for Azerbaijan
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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The picture becomes clearer when you realize that the Armenian provocations on the Lachin road and the chaos in Yerevan, as well as in Khankendi, are the work of the internal policy of the authorities and their patrons and that the alleged actions aimed at helping the Armenian minority to be an igniting element of this conflict. It is a proven fact that Armenian government, the officials and separatist forces do not care about the society in Khankendi. This once again confirms the fact that the Armenian minority living in Garabagh are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and their every problem should be solved on the basis of Azerbaijani laws. Otherwise, Armenia and the separatist groups would be interested in creating all facilities for the local community. Russian military expert Alexander Artamonov said this while making a comment to AZERNEWS. He noted that both Russia and the West have repeatedly witnessed this, that the Republic of Azerbaijan has repeatedly made proposals to meet with the Armenian society, but each time it ended in rejection.

"In this regard, it cannot be said that anyone can appeal to the security of the residents of Khankendi, especially since Baku has offered many times in a row to meet with the local community and discuss guarantees of normal organization of life in the area, organization of medical care, social insurance and all the issues that people may have, so it has nothing to do with this. As for Lachin, Azerbaijan's position is absolutely clear and known to everyone, it doesn't change, that the supply of any "humanitarian aids" to the residents of Khankendi and Armenian minority in Garabagh is possible only through Azerbaijani territory, and not directly through Armenia, because it would be a violation of the border, a violation of all the agreements that have been concluded and confirmed by all the guarantors, i.e. Russia, USA, France, Brussels, where Nikol Valayevich Pashinyan and President Ilham Aliyev have repeatedly met. Therefore, there is no need to talk about it anymore. And it is believed that in any case, Baku needs extended consultations with Russian peacekeepers to clarify the situation and to ensure that no one uses Russian peacekeepers as a card in someone else's dirty game," Alexander added.

The expert also spoke about France's support for Armenian provocation near the border in Lachin. He called this step of France an ill-considered, unprofessional policy. According to Artamonov, this policy aims at creating tension and pressure around Azerbaijan.

"This is all the more surprising because France is trying to cooperate with Azerbaijani companies, and at the same time France is pushing Armenia to escalate the conflict with Azerbaijan, a situation that is very surprising indeed. At the same time, as far as we understand, the U.S. supports France, not because they are against Azerbaijan, in this case, Azerbaijan is nothing more than a stake in the game for them, but because the U.S., in any case, wants Russia to withdraw from the South Caucasus, and I believe that the conflict that may arise now between Armenia and Azerbaijan will lead to the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers, so from this point of view the U.S. has its own game, it's not regional, it's global."

In addition, the expert, touching on Azerbaijan-Italy relations, noted that France envies companies operating in Azerbaijan. It is worth to note that earlier the Italian company Leonardo signed an agreement with Azerbaijan, where Azerbaijani colleagues began working with the company, in the field of arms, software, etc., Thus, France, seeing Italian-Azerbaijani cooperation and drowning in problems, cannot but be jealous of all this.

"France is still left with very major problems in energy supply, be it gas, oil or uranium. Hence its escalation and the way it behaves in the South Caucasus," Artamonov stressed.

At the same time, the Russian expert also touched upon the issues related to ICRC's assistance to Armenians in provocation and smuggling at the state border checkpoint in Lachin. He said that the fact that the ICRC was engaged in some illegal activities has been recorded in many conflict areas. According to Artamonov, the organization even helped fascist Germany to carry some Nazi German generals into Latin America during World War II. Therefore, the organization, which is loyal to its tradition, provides the same assistance to Armenian terrorists today.

"Although I have less information about the connection of ICRC to Armenia, I won't be surprised at this, because unfortunately, I have to state that the International Red Cross is involved in the case of black transplantology in especially war zones, where as far as I know, in the cars, which go under the sign of the ICRC, illegally seized organs are taken out for transplantation abroad. So the Red Cross, as an organization of Doctors without Borders, which is headed by the infamous Bernard Kouchner, a French citizen, and minister, these two organizations, they basically come together always, they have been involved in dirty provocations and very bad deeds in a number of war zones," the analyst concluded.

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