President opens major stadium after overhaul

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on Thursday innagurated the Tofig Bahramov Republican Stadium in Baku after an overhaul and reconstruction.

The rebuilding work at the stadium was carried out by Korean Samhwa Telecom company.

The operations included increasing the capacity of the 29,870-seat stadium by a further 1,330 seats.

The stadium has 16 ten-seat family rooms. The stadium also saw the building of a new stand featuring a 500-seat media facility, and the reconstruction of a VIP facility. The stadium has a 250-seat VIP restaurant. Locker rooms capable of handling several teams at the same time were built under the new stand.

The facility saw its water and electricity supply systems completely overhauled. The stadium`s sewerage system was also upgraded. Sanitation facilities for spectators, 250 seat each, were built along the stadium`s wall to comply with FIFA and UEFA standards. Turnstiles were installed at the stadium`s entrance. The rebuilding saw the pitch change its grass cover, with state-of-the-art underground drainage and heating systems installed.

President Aliyev praised the upgrade of the stadium.