Azeris allowed to freely buy property in Turkey

Citizens of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Arab Gulf countries will be able to purchase property in Turkey without any preconditions, according to a new law allowing foreigners to buy property in the country, Turkish newspaper Sabah reported.

The law also stipulates that citizens of countries including Armenia, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Nigeria and Yemen are completely denied the right to acquire property in Turkey.

Citizens of several other countries will be able to buy property while observing certain conditions. Thus, citizens of Russia and Ukraine will not be able to purchase property along the Black Sea coast. Citizens of Greece will be able to purchase property in all regions of Turkey except coastal and borderline areas.

According to the law, a foreign buyer may purchase up to 60 hectares of land, adviser to the Turkish Economy Minister Alparslan Uymaz told Azerbaijan's Trend news agency earlier.

It also says that more than 10 per cent of the total area of land plots in each Turkish province cannot be sold to foreign citizens.

Previously, only citizens of those countries in which Turkish citizens could buy land plots were allowed to become property owners in Turkey.