Baku condemns row over Turkish jet in Syria

Azerbaijan condemns the incident involving a Turkish jet shot down in Syria on Friday, which does not contribute to easing tension in the region, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

``This incident should be investigated thoroughly, and Azerbaijan, which has always been close to the brotherly Turkish people, calls for a swift investigation,`` Elman Abdullayev told a press briefing on Monday.

A Turkish Air Force F-4 jet departing on Friday from the Erhac airbase in the Province of Malatya disappeared from radar screens half an hour after take-off in airspace over the Mediterranean Sea areas of Hatay province`s south-east border with Syria. Syria said it shot down the F4 jet because it was flying over Syrian territorial waters. However, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that the F4 jet was shot down in international airspace and its wreckage fell into Syrian territorial waters.